Educational Researcher 31:8
Educational Researcher 31:8
November 2002

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Theme Issue on Scientific Research and Education

Editors' Introduction
Scientific Culture and Educational Research 
Michael J. Feuer, Lisa Towne, and Richard J. Shavelson

Be Careful What You Wish For—You May Get It: Educational Research in the Spotlight
James W. Pellegrino and Susan R. Goldman

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Educational Research: The Hardest Science of All 
David C. Berliner

Culture, Rigor, and Science in Educational Research

Frederick Erickson and Kris Gutierrez

“Science” Rejects Postmodernism

Elizabeth Adams St. Pierre

Reply to Commentators on “Scientific Culture and Educational Research”

Michael J. Feuer, Lisa Towne, and Richard J. Shavelson

Research News and Comment 

Service Learning as Scholarship in Teacher Education (corrected version) 
Alice M. Buchanan, Shelia C. Baldwin, and Mary E. Rudisill from June/July 2002 ER

Book Reviews

Youth, Culture, and Identity: Ethnographic Explorations
Nadine Dolby

In Addition