Educational Researcher 31:5
Educational Researcher 31:5
June/July 2002

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A Knowledge Base for the Teaching Profession: What Would It Look Like and How Can We Get One?

James Hiebert, Ronald Gallimore, and James W. Stigler

Dewey and Vygotsky Viewed Through the Rearview Mirror--and Dimly at That

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Richard S. Prawat

A Response to "Dewey and Vygotsky: Society, Experience, and Inquiry in Educational
Leigh M. O'Brien

Experience and Responding

Michael Glassman


Research News and Comment

Service Learning as Scholarship in Teacher Education 

Alice M. Buchanan, Shelia C. Baldwin, and Mary E. Rudisill

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2002-2003 Special Interest Group Directory
Council Minutes, April 1, 2002
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