Educational Researcher 41:5
Educational Researcher 41:5
June/July 2012
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Table of Contents 

Feature Articles

Learning Trajectory Based Instruction: Toward a Theory of Teaching
Paola Sztajn, Jere Confrey, P. Holt Wilson, and Cynthia Edgington

Assembling and Dissembling: Policy as Productive Play 
Jill P. Koyama and Hervé Varenne

Propagation of Misinformation About Frequencies of RFTs/RCTs in Education: A Cautionary Tale
Susan Troncoso Skidmore and Bruce Thompson


Comments on Skidmore and Thompson
The Strange Case of the Changing Graph: Much Ado About Nothing?
Daniel H. Robinson

Comments on Skidmore and Thompson
Reflections on “The Graph”
Anthony Petrosino

Response to Petrosino and Robinson
Things (We Now Believe) We Know
Susan Troncoso Skidmore and Bruce Thompson

Books et al.

Splendid Contributions and Flawed Conclusions
Bruce J. Biddle

Education, Free Speech, and the Fate of the Public
Christopher P. Loss