Educational Researcher 39:4
Educational Researcher 39:4
May 2010


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Table of Contents 

Feature Articles
Special Issue: The National Early Literacy Panel Report: Summary, Commentary, and Reflections on Policies and Practices to Improve Children’s Early Literacy

Guest Editor’s Introduction
Anne McGill-Franzen 

The National Early Literacy Panel: A Summary of the Process and the Report
Timothy Shanahan and Christopher J. Lonigan 

National Reports in Literacy: Building a Scientific Base for Practice and Policy
P. David Pearson and Elfrieda H. Hiebert 

Recognizing Different Kinds of “Head Starts”
Marjorie Faulstich Orellana and Jacqueline D’warte 

Lessons From My Mother: Reflections on the National Early Literacy Panel Report
Susan B. Neuman 

Speaking Out for Language: Why Language Is Central to Reading Development
David K. Dickinson, Roberta M. Golinkoff, and Kathy K. Hirsh-Pasek 

Where Is NELP Leading Preschool Literacy Instruction? Potential Positives and Pitfalls
William H. Teale, Jessica Hoffman, and Kathleen A. Paciga 

Confounded Statistical Analyses Hinder Interpretation of the NELP Report
Scott G. Paris and Serena Wenshu Luo 

The NELP Report on Shared Story Reading Interventions (Chapter 4): Extending the Story
Judith A. Schickedanz and Lea M. McGee 

Recasting the Role of Family Involvement in Early Literacy Development: A Response to the NELP Report
Alanna Rochelle Dail and Rebecca L. Payne 

Advancing Early Literacy Learning for All Children: Implications of the NELP Report for Dual-Language Learners
Kris D. Gutiérrez, Marlene Zepeda, and Dina C. Castro 

Developing Early Literacy Skills: Things We Know We Know and Things We Know We Don’t Know
Christopher J. Lonigan and Timothy Shanahan 

Misunderstood Statistical Assumptions Undermine Criticism of the National Early Literacy Panel’s Report
Christopher Schatschneider and Christopher J. Lonigan

AERA Highlights

AERA Holds Capitol Hill Briefing on School Safety
AERA Journals Recognize Outstanding Reviewers for 2009
Summary of AERA Journal Operations, 2009
2010–2011 AERA Council
AERA Nominating Committee Seeks Recommendations for Nominees
2011 Call for Proposals for Professional Development and Training Courses
2011 Annual Meeting Call for Submissions