Educational Researcher 39:3
Educational Researcher 39:3
April 2010


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2009 Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture
*Nested Learning Systems for the Thinking Curriculum
Lauren B. Resnick 

*Themes in the Research on Preservice Teachers’ Views of Cultural Diversity Since 1985: Implications for Researching Millennial Preservice Teachers
Antonio J. Castro 

*Moral and Instrumental Rationales for Affirmative Action in Five National Contexts
Michele S. Moses 

Research News and Comment

**Methodology in Our Education Research Culture: Toward a Stronger Collective Quantitative Proficiency
Robin K. Henson, Darrell M. Hull, and Cynthia S. Williams 

Book Reviews
† When History and Race Collide: Examining American History in the Classroom  

Confronting/Avoiding Race in the Teaching of History
Cinthia Salinas 

Coloring Pedagogies: Who Benefits, How, and Why? 
Grant R. Miller 

AERA Highlights

AERA Call for Editor, Research Points
Arnetha F. Ball, Stanford University, Voted AERA President-Elect
Angela Valenzuela, University of Texas, Austin, Elected to AERA Council as Member-at-Large
2010 AERA Election Results
67 AERA Fellows Selected for 2010 

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2010 AERA Annual Meeting Theme and Highlights: Understanding Complex Ecologies in a Changing World
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Open Forums at the 2010 Annual Meeting
2010 Annual Meeting Career Center
The 2010 AERA Annual Meeting Exhibit Hall
AERA Leadership and the Disability Studies in Education SIG Collaborate to Increase Conference Accessibility
Online Paper Repositories and the Role of Scholarly Societies: An AERA Conference Report 


*  Accepted under the editorship of Patricia B. Elmore and Gregory Camilli
** Accepted under the editorship of Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie
†  Accepted under the editorship of Marla H. Mallette