Educational Researcher 39:2
Educational Researcher 39:2
March 2010

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2009 AERA Distinguished Lecture*
Causes and Consequences of Cognitive Functioning Across the Life Course
Robert M. Hauser

*Test-Based Grade Retention: Does It Stand Up to Professional Standards for Fair and Appropriate Test Use?
Randall D. Penfield 

*Student Eligibility for a Free Lunch as an SES Measure in Education Research
Michael Harwell and Brandon LeBeau 

*LGBT and Queer Research in Higher Education: The State and Status of the Field
Kristen A. Renn  

Research News and Comment 

**International Large-Scale Assessment Data: Issues in Secondary Analysis and Reporting
Leslie Rutkowski, Eugenio Gonzalez, Marc Joncas, and Matthias von Davier  

Book Reviews
† Putting "Critical" Back Into Education Research

Theory, Research, and the Critical Scholar/Activist
Michael W. Apple 

Critical Empiricism: Reading Data With Social Theory
Zeus Leonardo 

A Response to Zeus Leonardo’s “Critical Empiricism: Reading Data With Social Theory”
Michael W. Apple 

A Response to Michael Apple’s “Theory, Research, and the Critical Scholar/Activist” 
Zeus Leonardo 

AERA Highlights

From the Desk of the PresidentLessons and Challenges of the Haitian Crisis for the Promise of Education Research
The 2010 Annual Meeting—Transitions, Change, and a New Look
AERA Introduces Online Papers Repository: Deposit of 2010 Annual Meeting Papers Encouraged
2011 Annual Meeting: Starting Early . . . and What to Expect
2010 AERA Annual Meeting Division Highlights
2009 Annual Meeting Attendees Give Feedback


*   Accepted under the editorship of Patricia B. Elmore and Gregory Camilli
** Accepted under the editorship of Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie
†   Accepted under the editorship of Marla H. Mallette