Educational Researcher 38:7
Educational Researcher 38:7
October 2009

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Learning From Our Differences: A Dialogue Across Perspectives on Quality in Education Research
Pamela A. Moss, D. C. Phillips, Frederick D. Erickson, Robert E. Floden, Patti A. Lather, and Barbara L. Schneider 

Comments on Connor et al., Croninger and Valli, Pianta and Hamre, and Rowan and Correnti

Sharpening Our Focus in Measuring Classroom Instruction
Karen Douglas 

The Cultural Practice of Reading and the Standardized Assessment of Reading Instruction: When Incommensurate Worlds Collide
Peter Smagorinsky

EduPolitical Research: Reading Between the Lines
Arlette Ingram Willis 

Responses to Comments

Back to the Future: Contrasting Scientific Styles in Understanding Reading
Carol McDonald Connor, Christopher Schatschneider, Frederick J. Morrison, Claire Cameron Ponitz, Shayne B. Piasta, Barry J. Fishman, Elizabeth Coyne Crowe, Stephanie Glasney, and Phyllis S. Underwood 

Mixing It Up About Methods
Robert G. Croninger and Linda Valli 

A Lot of Students and Their Teachers Need Support: Using a Common Framework to Observe Teacher Practices Might Help
Robert C. Pianta and Bridget K. Hamre 

Measuring Reading Instruction With Teacher Logs
Brian Rowan and Richard Correnti 

AERA Highlights

From the Desk of the President: Expanding Our Research Horizons
Call for AERA Undergraduate Student Education Research Training Workshop
Connecting Education Research to Policy: Summer Institute Convened by AERA and Foundation for Child Development
2010 Reports From AERA and Division Nominating Committees
Calls for Postdoctoral and Minority Dissertation Fellowships
AERA Grants Program: Training Opportunities
Council Minutes, June 26–27, 2009