Educational Researcher 38:1
Educational Researcher 38:1
January/February 2009


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2008 AERA Distinguished Lecture
The Economic Payoff to Investing in Educational Justice
Henry M. Levin

Why Study the U.S. South? The Nexus of Race and Place in Investigating Black Student Achievement
Jerome E. Morris and Carla R. Monroe

Research News and Comment

Energizing Learning: The Instructional Power of Conflict
David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson

Book Reviews
Taking a Stand on Standardization  

Where I Stand on Standardization
Lilian G. Katz

“Are We Getting It Right?” The Controversy Over Universal Pre-K
Susan B. Neuman

Misplaced Fears: Fact and Fancy in Standardized Childhood
W. Steven Barnett

A Response to “Where I Stand on Standardization” by Lilian G. Katz and to “Misplaced Fears: Fact and Fancy in Standardized Childhood” by W. Steven Barnett
Susan B. Neuman

A Response to “Where I Stand on Standardization” by Lilian G. Katz and to “‘Are We Getting It Right?’ The Controversy Over Universal Pre-K” by Susan B. Neuman
W. Steven Barnett

AERA Highlights

From the Desk of the President: Mentoring in a Changed Environment
AERA Announces Professional Development and Training Courses for 2009 Annual Meeting
Singapore Meeting of Education Research Associations Sets the Stage for Establishing a World Education Research Association
AERA Journals Reach a Growing Worldwide Audience: Publishing Initiative Adds to International Access