Educational Researcher 35:9
Educational Researcher 35:9
December 2006
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Table of Contents  


Reconsidering the Compatibility Thesis and Eclecticism: Five Proposed Guidelines for Method Use 
Stephen C. Yanchar and David D. Williams

Situating Narrative-Minded Research: A Commentary on Anna Sfard and Anna Prusak’s “Telling Identities” 
Mary M. Juzwik

Telling Ideas by the Company They Keep: A Response to the Critique by Mary Juzwik 
Anna Sfard

Literature Reviews of, and for, Educational Research: A Commentary on Boote and Beile’s “Scholars Before Researchers” 
Joseph A. Maxwell

On “Literature Reviews of, and for, Educational Research”: A Response to the Critique by Joseph Maxwell 
David N. Boote and Penny Beile


Research News and Comment 

The Transformative Power of Reviewing 
Beth Graue

Book Reviews 

Schools’ Influence on Identity Formation in a Time of Change 
Lisa S. Garbrecht

AERA Highlights 

From the Desk of the Executive Director  
Darling-Hammond Gives AERA’s Third Annual Brown Lecture  
AERA Amicus Curiae Brief for U.S. Supreme Court Cases  
Research Workshop on Race-Conscious School Assignment  
AERA Seeks Internationalization of Education Research  
Ward and Abler Speak on Internationalization of Education Research  
2007 Annual Meeting Registration Information  
2007 Candidates for AERA Office: Biographical Statements  
Reviewers for Volume 35  
Indexes for Volume 35