Educational Researcher 33:1
Educational Researcher 33:1
January/February 2004

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Table of Contents

Editorial Comments
Michèle Foster and Stafford Hood, Features
Sonja Lanehart and Paul Schutz, Research News And Comment
Kathy Nakagawa, Book Reviews


The No Child Left Behind Act and English Language Learners: Assessment and Accountability Issues 
Jamal Abedi

Rethinking Domination and Resistance: Challenging Postmodernism 
Aaron Schutz

The Triumph of Hope Over Experience in the Search for "What Works": A Response to Slavin 
David R. Olson

Education Research Can and Must Address "What Works" Questions 
Robert E. Slavin

Research News and Comment

Why We Need a Structured Abstract in Education Research 
Frederick Mosteller, Bill Nave, and Edward J. Miech

Book Reviews

From Aristotle to Advocacy: Critical Reflections on the Philosophy and Practice of Social Science Research* Melanie Carter

In Addition

A Call for More Editors of Color in All Education Journals
Professional Development and Training Courses


  Accepted under the editorship of Evelyn Jacob and C. Stephen White
 Accepted under the editorship of Judith Preissle and Stephen Olejnik
* Accepted under the editorship of Michèle Foster and Vernon Polite