AERA Journal Operations - 2017
AERA Journal Operations - 2017
Journal Operations

January 2018

The American Educational Research Association publishes six peer-reviewed journals and the peer-reviewed annual Review of Research in Education (RRE), together covering a range of topics in education research. Editors serve fixed terms and report their activities twice a year to the Journal Publications Committee. Journals are currently published on behalf of AERA by SAGE Publications both in print and online. AERA members receive Educational Researcher and one other journal of their choice as benefits of membership, as well as free access to AERA Open, an online, open access journal; members may also subscribe to other AERA journals at a discounted cost. The table below summarizes 2017 publishing activities for six of AERA's open-submission journals.



Published Pages


No. Received

No. Accepted

% Accepteda

No. Rejected

Items Published

Total Pages Published

Member and Nonmember


AERA Open 394 49 12.4 196 48 N/A N/A N/A

American Educational Research Journal

932 35 3.8 690


1416 11,147 8869

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis


22 6.7 253 29 716 3276 8448

Educational Researcher


59 10.8 363 45 556 25,529 8615

Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics


26 10.2 139 33 764 1980 8344

Review of Educational Research


25 6.7 264 33 1160 6031 9006

aIt is AERA’s standard practice to calculate manuscript counts and rates over the calendar year. It should be noted that the manuscripts accepted and rejected within the calendar year were not necessarily received that year; thus the rate calculation, though standard by publishing norms, is somewhat imprecise.

bIncludes discounted and free institutional subscriptions provided through the HINARI program.