Call for Nominations and Applications for American Educational Research Journal Editorship
Call for Nominations and Applications for American Educational Research Journal Editorship
American Educational Research Journal

The Journal Publications Committee of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) invites nominations and applications for the editorship of The American Educational  Research Journal (AERJ). The committee seeks a broad-based and experienced scholar(s) to serve as editor(s) for a three-year term. Published six times a year, AERJ is currently ranked third in Education and Educational Research in JCR, and is received by over 9,000 institutions worldwide.

The new editor(s) has the opportunity to take AERJ to the next level of publishing scientific and scholarly research on education, teaching, and learning. In 1990, the journal importantly established two sections to show the breadth of the journal for work that was focused on the individual-level of analysis as well as the group, institutional, social, and social structural levels.

In 2016, as AERA moves into its second century, the Association seeks to have
AERJ embrace the full spectrum of areas of inquiry that constitute the field of education research. As made clear in the new mission statement for the journal, AERJ seeks to publish research results that advance understanding of education and learning processes or contribute to new theoretical or methodological developments.  The new editor(s) is expected to have a passion and track record for working toward such goals and the capacity, as well, for transcending the journal’s previous division between TLHD and SIA sections, with independent editorial teams.

The editor(s) is responsible for accepting and rejecting manuscripts on the basis of the quality of the scholarly work presented and the suitability of
 AERJ, guiding manuscripts through the review process using a designated Web-based system, and overseeing revisions. In addition to an honorarium, the Association provides an annual discretionary grant to support editorial work on the journal.

Editor searches are conducted by the AERA Journal Publications Committee. The committee particularly seeks applications from individuals or teams who grasp the full breadth of the education research field. Due to the large number of submissions received by AERJ, teams with two or more lead editors are encouraged. To ensure timely and efficient review, the lead editor(s) must be collaborative team-builders who can set in place an editorial team that covers the many areas of inquiry that constitute education research. Applicants should be recognized scholars who possess managerial and organizational skills as well as publishing/editorial experience.

The new editor(s) will begin to receive manuscripts on July 1, 2015, and the first published issue under the new editorship will be in February 2016. Self-nominations and nominations are welcome. Applications are encouraged as soon as possible. 

For further information on the application process, please email John Neikirk, director of publications, at Nominations for editor(s) should be sent to Mr. Neikirk with a curriculum vitae for each candidate. The deadline is December 15, 2014.

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