Call for Proposals: Handbook of Cumulative Research Programs in Education
Call for Proposals: Handbook of Cumulative Research Programs in Education

Call for Proposals
Handbook of Cumulative Research Programs in Education

With growing interest in efforts to take stock of the results of education research to provide durable knowledge for practice and policy, there is a corresponding interest in identifying and highlighting bodies of work in the field that have led to the accumulation of valid and reliable knowledge. 

There are various strategies for accumulating knowledge that have been employed by education researchers.  For example, empirical accumulation may involve a succession of empirical studies of the same phenomenon both to confirm and to extend knowledge in an area.  Theoretical accumulation may involve a series of studies of similar or diverse phenomena from the same theoretical perspective or tradition.  Policy oriented accumulation may entail examination of a major question from multiple perspectives to develop a multifaceted understanding of the impact of policy actions as well as unanticipated side-effects.  Such work can occur in any domain of study within the field, including the development of methods of education research.  Accumulation of knowledge can cut across domains of accumulation (i.e., empirical, theoretical policy) and can be influenced by research conducted under different national and cultural systems.

Cumulative research programs are often conducted by the same researcher or group of researchers related by common training, experience or institutional home.  Such programs sometimes involve larger groups of scholars who share common methods, language, and approaches and who view themselves as working within a well articulated tradition.  Thus cumulative research programs may be distinguished from more common synthesizing efforts which draw together work conducted by various scholars who do not view themselves as working together on a set of studies organized in a program.

The AERA Books Editorial Board seeks proposals for a Handbook that will advance understanding of cumulative approaches within education research by:

  • Identifying different models, methods and strategies to advance knowledge accumulation
  • Specifying the types of criteria that might be used to recognize bodies of work in different traditions that can be deemed cumulative
  • Identifying bodies of work that might be featured in chapters of the handbook along with possible authors of such chapters
  • Determining a chapter format that will highlight the history of the development of the major tenets of each tradition as well as the strengths of diverse strategies for accumulation of knowledge in education research
  • Specifying a strategy to convey the methodological lessons that might be drawn from education research conducted through cumulative research programs

The Books Editorial Board is particularly interested in proposals for a Handbook that will identify models of cumulative work in the field to contribute to the foundational literature for the development of both junior and senior scholars.

Proposals should follow the guidelines as set forth at  and should be submitted electronically to For additional information and advice, please contact Cherry Banks, Chair of the Books Editorial Board, or Felice Levine, Executive Director, at