AERA Books Program
AERA Books Program

The American Educational Research Association seeks to serve as a publisher of books of excellence and importance to the education research community, and to practitioners and policy makers interested in education research. Books published under the auspices of AERA and its publishing program meet the quality standards of the Association based on peer review. These publications reflect the views of the authors and editors, and not necessarily those of the Association or its governing Council. AERA publishes works to advance knowledge, to expand access to significant research and research analyses and syntheses, and to promote knowledge utilization.

The AERA Books Editorial Board has responsibility for implementing AERA's Handbook Series, as well as for reviewing and making decisions about book products emanating from AERA activities, journals, projects, or programs. Lesley Bartlett, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is the chair of the Books Editorial Board. Other Editorial Board Members include Sarah Diem, University of Missouri;  Robert E. Floden (chair-designate), Michigan State University; Carole L. Hahn, Emory University; Felice J. Levine, American Educational Research Association; H. Kenny Nienhusser​, University of ConnecticutChristine E. Sleeter, California State University - Monterey Bay; and Catherine Snow, Harvard University.

Call for Handbook Proposals (with recurring deadlines)

Guidelines for Handbook Proposals