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  Fairness in Educational and Psychological Testing

Fairness in Educational and Psychological Testing: Examining Theoretical Research, Practice, and Policy Implications of the 2014 Standards

Edited by Jessica L. Jonson and Kurt F. Geisinger

This book examines scholarship, best practice methodologies, and examples of policy and practice from various professional fields in education and psychology to illuminate the elevated emphasis on test fairness in the 2014 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. Together, the chapters provide a survey of critical and current issues with a view to broadening and contextualizing the fairness guidelines for different types of tests, test takers, and testing contexts.  Researchers and practitioners from school psychology, clinical/counseling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and education will find the content useful in thinking more acutely about fairness in testing in their work.  The book also has chapters that address implications for policy makers, and, in some cases, the public. These discussions are offered as a starting point for future scholarship on the theoretical, empirical, and applied aspects of fairness in testing particularly given the ever-increasing importance of addressing equity in testing.

ISBN 978-0-935302-95-0 (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-935302-96-7 (epub)
ISBN 978-0-935302-97-4 (pdf)

466 pages

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