Facts and Opportunities for ​AERA 2020 Annual Meeting Authors
Facts and Opportunities for ​AERA 2020 Annual Meeting Authors

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What is the AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery?
The AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery is an exciting new way of sharing papers from AERA Annual Meetings and other convenings throughout the year. Complementing AERA’s Online Paper Repository, the gallery is a web-based platform for paper presentations given at meetings. 
The gallery provides a user-friendly vehicle for authors to present their papers in a dynamic format that allows for an overall narration as well as audio or video capture within any slide as part of their display. Authors can activate a chat function and also schedule a virtual session to meet up with other interested scholars. The gallery provides an opportunity to interact and expand authors’ networks. Through this portal, authors can receive messages and/or respond to Q&A on a continuing basis well beyond the initial “chat” span and continuing year-to-year.
The gallery expands authors’ worldwide access to users and makes meeting presentations a living asset for authors. Authors also receive a unique citation for their gallery presentation.
Who can participate?
Currently authors of papers to be presented at the 2020 Annual Meeting are able to participate. Although the 2020 Annual Meeting was cancelled, 2020 paper authors are still able to present their accepted papers in the gallery.
Authors for all 2020 Annual Meeting papers accepted for paper sessions, roundtables, or poster sessions, or planned for accepted or invited session submissions, are encouraged to create their presentations in an author editing site provided for the gallery. Using the gallery’s web-based platform is as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation but the result is a much more engaging and dynamic product, using any of nine template options. Authors can narrate each slide or the overall presentation and users will be able to listen to the narrations or read transcriptions. 
The gallery uses the iPoster platform. Detailed guidance is provided to all authors seeking to place their presentations in the gallery.
What is the timeline and process for participating authors and users? 
AERA opened the Interactive Presentation Gallery on December 22, 2020. AERA 2020 Annual Meeting authors have until December 31, 2020, to create presentations for the new AERA Interactive Gallery.
Authors may schedule live chat sessions or virtual meetings or activate a Q&A function, or all of these options, on their own timetable to communicate with users beginning on December 22, 2020. Interested users may also contact authors via contact information in the gallery.
The gallery will be available for users from year to year as an innovative way of sharing research presented at AERA Annual Meetings and other convenings throughout the year. Live chats and virtual meetings for 2020 presentations can be scheduled by authors until February 28, 2021. After that time, users can view presentations and use the contact or Q&A function to reach authors.
Who can use the gallery?
The AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery is openly accessible to all users from around the world without fee to view the AERA 2020 Annual Meeting papers and communicate with authors.
Users may take as long as they wish to view the presentation and return as often as they like. The gallery will be maintained from year to year and new content will be added each year, with continuing access to paper presentations and references to them with appropriate citations. 

Are there any fees to paper authors for participating in the gallery?
There are no charges for authors to create presentations for the gallery.

What is the difference between the Interactive Presentation Gallery and the Online Paper Repository?

These are companion products—the repository is for the final paper and the gallery is for the presentation. Authors who already located their 2020 papers in the repository are encouraged to create a presentation in the gallery. In January 2021, papers in the repository will be linked to presentations in the gallery expanding the reach of authors’ work beyond the availability of just one product alone. For 2020 Annual Meeting papers, the deadline for participating in the repository has passed. 


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