Message from Division VP
Message from Division VP
Division VP

Spring 2019 Message from the Vice President

Cindy M. Walker, PhD, Duquesne University

Dear Division D Members,

I write this to all of you in eager anticipation of our upcoming annual meeting in Toronto! This fall I had the honor of hosting our four program chairs, co-chairs, as well as a graduate student liaison, on my campus so that they could work collaboratively to develop the program. It was quite a learning experience for me, particularly with respect to how much work goes into the planning process. We should all be very grateful to our program chairs because the behind the scenes work that they do is imperative to the quality of our program. The work that was accomplished in only two short days is very impressive, both in terms of quality and quantity. Our program chairs have put together an excellent program!

In addition to program chairs, there are many other volunteers that work behind the scenes each year to plan our program, business meeting, and networking opportunities. I was always somewhat aware of this fact, having served as Secretary to Division D years ago. However, I was never really aware of the extent of this work. This year has really opened my eyes to how much in-kind time and effort is devoted by the many volunteers of Division D to ensure our program runs smoothly. In fact, without their help I can guarantee that it would be impossible to have a program at all! I am honored to be a part of our research community and proud of how we all come together to create such an amazing outlet for networking, presenting our work, and mentoring our graduate students.

As in years past, this year we have several co-sponsored and invited sessions, including an invited session in Division H that is co-sponsored by us and NCME. This panel discussion will focus on improving teacher education by emphasizing culturally relevant pedagogy through assessment in the classroom. Panel members include myself and the incoming President of NCME, Steve Sireci, as well as several other leaders in teacher education, educational psychology, and social justice.

I welcome all of our members who are participating in this year’s inaugural sessions focused on mixed methodological research! I ask that all of us get the word out to our colleagues that Division D is apolitical when it comes to methodological research focus. To highlight the inclusivity of Division D, this year I will facilitate a panel discussion during our business meeting that focuses on how one might think about how to conduct a study designed to help us understand how to close the achievement gap, from each of the four methodological perspectives. The panel will include each of our section chairs, as well as the chair of our equity and diversity committee. We have already had a planning session and I can ensure you that this panel will be both informative and fun. The business meeting will be followed by a reception and if you sign up for our business meeting you will be rewarded with a free drink ticket!

Finally, I am well aware, as is all of AERA Council and Staff, that the lateness in which the program was published was problematic, with respect to making travel plans. While the program was completed by the February 15th deadline, published in our bylaws, it is clear that this self-imposed deadline is too late, particularly when our conference is held earlier in the spring. Therefore, the Council has voted to push everything forward one month. This means that proposals will be due one month earlier which will result in reviews being due one month earlier and the program being completed and published one month earlier. Hopefully, this will help members book their travel in a more timely manner.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Toronto!


Cindy M. Walker, Ph.D.

Dean and Professor, Duquesne University


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