Division D recognizes distinguished contributions to the field with four different awards: the Award for Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology, the Outstanding Dissertation Award, the Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award, and the Early Career Award in Measurement and Research Methodology. Details of these awards are listed below. 

Award for Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology 
This annual award recognizes published research judged to represent a significant advancement in theory and practice of educational measurement and/or educational research methodology. This award is not considered a lifetime achievement award; the significance of the contribution will be the primary consideration for this award. The research may be the work of an individual or a team of researchers. The winner will be announced and honored at the AERA annual meeting with a plaque and a $1000 award.

Outstanding Dissertation Award 
This annual award recognizes a dissertation that makes an outstanding contributions to methodology in educational research. The winner will be recognized by the American Educational Research Association.

Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award 
This award recognizes the important contributions of Robert L. Linn to educational measurement and assessment policy. This annual award honors a scholar whose work bridges educational measurement and some other significant area of research (e.g., assessment policy, learning theory, curriculum and instruction) and has resulted in a widespread positive impact on the field of educational measurement. These contributions may include theoretical or technical developments, conceptualizations of educational measurement issues that have enhanced public understanding of these issues, or innovative ideas that improve the validity and effectiveness of educational assessments.

Early Career Award in Measurement and Research Methodology
This annual award recognizes emerging scholars in the field of educational research and methodology. The award will rotate among the three sections of the division. The 2018 award will be in Quantitative Methods in the field of measurement.

Award Recipients

Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award:

2023 - Noreen M. Webb, UCLA

2022 - Howard Wainer, Retired
2021 - Neil J. Dorans, ETS
2020 - Michael Kane, ETS
2019 - Bob Brennan, University of Iowa
2018 - Henry Braun, Boston College
2017 - Mark Wilson, University of California Berkeley
2016 - Richard Shavelson, Stanford University
2015 - James Popham, University of California Los Angeles
2014 - Eva Baker, National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student TestingCRESST -
2013 - Jim Pellegrino, University of Illinois at Chicago
2012 - Edward Haertel, Stanford University
2011 - Ronald K. Hambleton, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2010 - Lorrie A. Shepard, University of Colorado at Boulder
2009 - Robert Mislevy, University of Maryland


Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology Award:

2023 - Cheryl Poth, University of Alberta, and Peggy Shannon-Baker, Georgia Southern University

2022 - Jessica Van Cleave, Gardner-Webb University; Sarah Bridges, Georgia State University; Hilary E. Hughes, University of Georgia
2021 - Laura M. Stapleton (University of Maryland), Ralph O. Mueller (Purdue University Northwest), and Gregory R. Hancock (University of Maryland)
2020 - Bob Mislevy, ETS
2020 - Sean Reardon (Stanford University), Andrew Ho (Harvard University), Benjamin Shear (University of Colorado Boulder), Erin Fahle (St. John’s University), Demetra Kalogrides (Standford University)
2019 - David Feldon and Colby Tofel-Grehl, Utah State University
2018 - Patricia Leavy, Author, Independent Research, Public Intellectual
2017 - Matthias von Davier, NBME, Leslie Rutkowski, University of Oslo, and David Rutkowski, University of Oslo
2016 - Duanli Yan, Alina A. von Davier, & Charles Lewis, Educational Testing Service
2015 - Richard D. Sawyer, Washington State University and J. Joseph Norris, Brock University
2014 - Howard Wainer, NBME
2013 - Alina von Davier, ETS
2012 - Robert A. Henson University of North Carolina, Greensboro -, Andre A. Rupp University of Maryland -, and Jonathan Templin University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2011 - Hua-Hua Chang and Zhiliang Yang
2010 - Kadriye Ercikan and Wolf-Michael Roth
2009 - Mark Gierl and Jacqueline Leighton of the University of Alberta
2008 - Michael Kane
2007 - Bruce Thompson
2006 - Greg Cizek
2005 - No nominations were received.
2004 - Too few nominations were received to give the award.
2003 - The award was created in 2003 and it was first available in 2004.


Early Career in Measurement and Research Methodology Award:

2023 - Zuchao Shen, University of Kansas

2022 - Hyeon-Ah Kang, Ph.D, The University of Texas at Austin
2021 - Marcia Gail Headley, University of Delaware
2020 - Stephanie A. Shelton, University of Alabama
2019 - Dan McNeish, Arizona State University
2018 - Minjeong Jeon, University of California, Los Angeles
2017 - Jasmine Ulmer
2016 - Elizabeth Tipton, Columbia University
2015 - Dr. Chun Wang, University of Minnesota
2014 - Dr. Jessica Nina Lester, Indiana University
2013 - Dr. Bethany Bell, University of South Carolina
2012 - Roy Levy, Arizona State University
2011 - Ryan Gildersleeve, Iowa State University


AERA Division D Outstanding Educational Research Methodologies Dissertation Award:

2023 Xiao Liu, The University of Texas at Austin

2022 - Francesca A. Williamson, Indiana University, Bloomington
2021 - Zuchao Shen, University of Florida
2020 - David Rousell, RMIT University
2019 - Xu Qin, University of Pittsburg
2018 - Sarah Crinall, Western Sydney University