Who We Are
Who We Are
Profile of Division D Members

AERA Division D Executive Committee 2023–2024

Office Contact Information
Vice President (2021–2024) Mary Pitoniak mpitoniak@ets.org
Secretary (2023–2025) Oliver Zhang ozhang@collegeboard.org
Immediate Past Vice President, Chair Nominations Committee (2021–2024) Cindy Walker dr.cindy.m.walker@gmail.com

Committee Chairs, Web Administrators, and Council Representatives

Position Contact Information
Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chairs Hongwen Guo hguo@ets.org   Nielsen Pereira npereira@purdue.edu
Annual Meeting Reception & Business Meeting Committee Priya Kannan pkannan@wested.org
Communications Committee Jennifer Kobrin* jennifer.kobrin@ku.edu
Web Admin (2022–2024) Janet Mee jmee@nbme.org
Equity and Inclusion Committee Leanne Ketterlin Geller lkgeller@mail.smu.edu
International Committee Marsha Simon msimon@westga.edu
Membership Committee Sunny Kim* sunkim@collegeboard.org
Mentoring Committee Mingyang Liu mingyang.liu@utoledo.edu
Graduate Student Committee Senior Representative (and Graduate Student Council) Roti Chakraborty rchakraborty3@student.gsu.edu
Graduate Student Junior Representative (and Graduate Student Council) Janine Jackson jajac64@morgan.edu

Awards Liaison and Award Committee Chairs

Award Contact Information
Early Career Award Jason Zhang jzhang@fgcu.edu
Outstanding Dissertation Award Stella Kim skim113@uncc.edu
Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award Wei Tao wei.tao@cambiumassessment.com
Significant Contributions to Research Methodology Award Merve Kursav merve.n.kursav@dartmouth.edu

*Continues as chair through 2024


Business Meeting and Reception Committee
Plans and organizes all activities associated with the Division D annual business meeting and reception.

Communications Committee
Supports Division D’s communication efforts by various means, including but not limited to producing newsletters and updating the Division D website with information about the division and articles of interest to the membership.

Equity and Inclusion Committee
Promotes the equity and inclusion goals of AERA, implement activities in support of facilitating outreach efforts within Division D, promote and monitor diversity in division activities, and represent the division on the association's Equity and Inclusion Council.

International Committee
Promote membership and full participation of international education researchers in Division D activities.

Membership Committee
Implements activities designed to reach out and to inform individuals about the many benefits of membership in Division D with the goals of recruiting and maintaining members.

Mentoring Committee
Implements activities designed to provide outreach and support to Division D members who are entering or have newly entered an applied research setting.

Outstanding Dissertation Award Committee
Recognize dissertations that make outstanding contributions to educational research methodology. All four Division D sections are represented in this committee.

Early Career Award Committee
Recognizes emerging scholars in the field of educational research methodology.

Significant Contributions to Research Methodology Award Committee
Recognizes published research that represents a significant conceptual advancement in the theory and practice of educational measurement and/or educational research methodology.