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Spring 2023


August 1, 2023


AERA Division D Secretary Nominations

Term and Duties

  • Candidates must be regular members of Division D [i.e., graduate students are not eligible].
  • The person elected as Secretary in the 2024 election will serve as Secretary-Elect from the end of the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting to the end of the 2025 AERA Annual Meeting.
  • They will then serve as Secretary from the end of the 2025 AERA Annual Meeting to the end of the 2027 AERA Annual Meeting. 
  • The Secretary will serve with Jessica Nina Lester of Indiana University Bloomington, who becomes the Vice President after the 2024 Annual Meeting.


  • If interested, please complete the survey at this link by August 15.
  • The Nominating Committee will review expressions of interest and select the two candidates for the election ballot.
  • The election will be held in late January/early February.

If you have questions about the procedures or position, please email the current division Vice-President, Mary Pitoniak .  If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please complete the survey (do not email the Vice-President)).


NBME Director of Research Positions

NBME is thrilled to introduce an opportunity to make a profound impact at the intersection of measurement and medical education: the launch of two newly-created Director of Research roles within NBME's Office of Research Strategy ( We seek professionals who bring a combination of scientific excellence and leadership skills to spearhead specific segments of our organization's research portfolio. Each Director will have a distinct focus area, with one Director responsible for leading and managing staff associated with each of the following:  

  • Construct Development: You will play an instrumental role in defining, developing, and executing approaches that gauge and provide feedback on difficult-to-assess skill and behavior constructs important in medical education.
  • Capability Development: You will lead the charge in developing scalable solutions to challenging problems in measurement including automated scoring, natural language processing, and data analytics.

 At NBME, you will find yourself among a dynamic and gifted team of professionals who are driven by a shared commitment to supporting the organizational mission while experimenting with new ways of innovating. Apply and join our work!


July 27, 2023

Postdoctoral Fellow in Educational Psychology and Research Methodology at Purdue University

The potential postdoc will have an excellent opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr. Hua-Hua Chang from two perspectives:

  1. expanding AI research and application capacity at the College of Education by organizing seminars and workshops and promoting AI-Ready professional development of faculty and students; and
  2. engaging in one of Dr. Chang’s current research projects of using AI to help STEM learners at Purdue.

More details can be found here:


AERA Virtual Learning Series: Text Classification for the Pursuit of Truth with Qualitative Evidence

Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST>br/> Instructor: Manuel S. Gonzalez Canche, University of Pennsylvania

This course offers an analytic framework designed to leverage the power of machine learning to classify textual data while also leveraging the importance of human reasoning in this classification process. This framework was designed to mirror as close as possible the line-by-line coding employed in manual code identification but relying instead on latent Dirichlet allocation, text mining, MCMC, Gibbs sampling, and advanced data retrieval and visualization. A set of analytic outputs provides complete transparency in the classification process and aids in recreating the contextualized meanings embedded in the original texts. Register here:

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