Graduate Students Divisions
Graduate Students Divisions

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Division A - Administration

Division A is the AERA division devoted to scholarship in the areas of school administration, organizational behavior, educational leadership for social justice, and the study of policies that engage leadership for learning.

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Division B - Curriculum Studies

Curriculum studies is interested in the knowledge taught at school.  If you are interested in the cultural-sociological-political implications of schooling with respect to social justice, citizenship, or the role education is or should play in society at large, you might want to join Division B.

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Division C - Learning and Instruction

Division C is concerned with research on the processes of, and contexts for, learning, instruction, and assessment, as well as work examining the relationships among these areas.

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Division D - Measurement and Research Methodology

Division D is divided up into three interrelated areas: (1) Educational Measurement, Psychometrics, and Assessment, (2) Quantitative Methods and Statistical Theory, and (3) Qualitative Research Methods. Members of division D are interested in developing and applying statistical methods in a diverse field of educational settings.

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Division E - Counseling and Human Development

Counseling and Human Development encourages research on human behavior, development, and interactions across the life span; and promulgates the judicious use of psychosocial and educational procedures in educational settings.

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Division F - History and Historiography

Division F focuses on the history and evolution of the field of education and educational institutions, etc.

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Division G - Social Context of Education

Division G exists to support ongoing scholarly investigation and discussion of the social contexts that shape and are shaped by institutions of education around the world. Our Division represents a wide variety of academic disciplines, but common to the work of all division members is a central concern for issues surrounding equity, access, and opportunity; racial, ethnic and linguistic diversity; and the role of culture in education.

For more information about Division G, please enter the GSC Division G Page.



Division H - Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools

Division H supports members’ interests relative to conducting applied research, evaluation studies and/or assessment in PreK – 12 settings and accountability activities in PreK-12 settings. Division H is committed to supporting scholarly presentations and publications, providing opportunities for professional growth recognitions, enhancing networking among members and improving the capacity of the profession to enhance the public good. Our focus is not on a specific topic, but the broad range of work done by educational researchers in applied PreK-12 settings. Program evaluations, student assessment programs, school reform, institutional research, and work published for use in PreK-12 systems constitutes much of our members’ work.

For more information about Division H, please enter the GSC Division H Page.



Division I - Education in the Professions

Division I of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) is dedicated to promoting research and scholarship in education across the professions and internationally. These professions include: architecture, business, dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, the ministry, the military, nursing, pharmacy, physician assistants, physical therapy, and teaching. The Division fosters communication across the professions in topics such as problem-based learning, expertise, tacit knowledge, professional identity, assessment and testing, multiple methods, research integrity – as well as the professional development of educational researchers.

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Division J - Postsecondary Education

Division J is for those interested in research and theory of postsecondary education. Postsecondary education includes four-year and two-year institutions, profit and non-profit, religious and secular. Our membership includes faculty, trustees, presidents, administrators, policy makers, government officials, proprietary college affiliates, and many graduate students. Division J provides a national forum for the dissemination and discussion of research related to post-secondary education.

For more information about Division J, please enter the GSC Division J Page.



Division K - Teaching and Teacher Education

Persons interested in research dealing with teaching and teacher education join Division K, in part, for the following reasons:

  • To support the enterprise of research on teaching and teacher education.
  • To forge and maintain links with fellow researchers in the area of teaching and teacher education.
  • To support young people just entering Division K through mentoring and similar activities provided by Division K.
  • To participate in Division K governance thus sharing in setting priorities and giving direct to the research call for the national meeting and other similar issues.

For more information about Division K, please enter the GSC Division K Page.



Division L - Educational Policy and Politics

Division L is the AERA division focused on the broad, professional interest of education policy and politics, reflecting a range of methodological, theoretical, and political issues. For the graduate student, Division L offers a variety of opportunities for professional development and growth. Not only does the division sponsor annual fireside chats, it also sponsors an Outstanding Dissertation Award to recognize the exceptional research accomplishments of new scholars. Furthermore, Division L (along with the University Council for Educational Administration, Division A, and Corwin Press) co-sponsors the David L. Clark National Graduate Student Research Seminar, an event held in conjunction with the AERA Annual Meeting. It is the longest-lasting of all graduate seminars held at AERA and was a model for their development. The Clark Seminar brings emerging educational administration and policy scholars and noted researchers together for two days of presentations, generative discussion, and professional growth. Many of the graduates of this seminar are now faculty members at major research institutions in the US and Canada.

For more information about Division L, please enter the GSC Division L Page.

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