Division Awards
Division Awards
Division Awards


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2017 Division Award Winners 

Division A: Administration, Organization, and Leadership
Emerging Scholar Award: Terrance Green
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Lauren P. Bailes

Division B: Curriculum Studies
Ella Baker/Septima Clark Human Rights Award: Alayna Eagle Shield and Fania E. Davis
Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter L. McLaren
Outstanding Book Award: João Menelau Paraskeva, Aparna Mishra Tarc, and Mishra Tarc
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Chandni Desai

Division C: Learning and Instruction
Early Career Award: Sabina Rak Neugebauer
Graduate Student Research Excellence Award: Joanna P. Weaver
Jan Hawkins Award: Robb Lindgren
Outstanding Poster Award: Ross C. Anderson and Matthew C. Graham
Sylvia Scribner Award: Reinhard Pekrun

Division D: Measurement and Research Methodologies
Early Career Award in Measurement and Research Methodology: Jasmine Ulmer
Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award: Mark R. Wilson
Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology Award: Leslie Rutkowski, Matthias von Davier, and David Rutkowski

Division E: Counseling and Human Developm ent
Distinguished Research Award in Counseling: Lisa De La Rue and colleagues
Distinguished Research Award in Human Development: Cecilia Cheung
Outstanding Dissertation Award in Counseling: Emma Elliott-Groves
Outstanding Dissertation Award in Human Development: Diane Sookyoung Lee

Division F: History and Historiography
New Scholar’s Book Award: Jon N. Hale and Crystal R. Sanders

Division G: Social Context of Education
Distinguished Contributions to Social Contexts in Education Research—Lifetime Achievement Award: Carol D. Lee
Early Career Award: Subini Ancy Annamma
Henry T. Trueba Award for Research Leading to the Transformation of the Social Contexts of Education: Maria E. Franquiz
Mentoring Award: George W. Noblit
Distinguished Dissertation Award: Eve Louise Ewing

Division H: Research, Evaluation, and Assessment in Schools
Applied Research Award—Advances in Methodology: Brooke Nash, Amy Clark, Meagan Karvonen, and Jennifer A. Brussow
Applied Research Award—Applied Research Reports: Amie Bettencourt, Deborah Gross, an Grace Ho
Communicating Research, Accountability, Evaluation, and/or Assessment to Lay Audiences Award: Lindsay M. Lamb and Lindsey Stuart
Program Evaluation Award: Lindsay M. Lamb
Assessment/Accountability Award: Jennie Y. Jiang and Susan E. Sporte
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Jennifer Ho

Division I: Education in the Professions
New Investigator Award: Justin Louis Sewell
Established Investigator Award: Richard A. Feinberg
Distinguished Career Award: Ara Tekian

Division J: Postsecondary Education
Outstanding Poster Award: Adrianne Musu Davis
Outstanding Publication Award: Z Nicolazzo
Dissertation Award: Erich N. Pitcher

Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education
Early Career Award: Detra Price-Dennis
Exemplary Research in Teaching and Teacher Education Award: sj Miller and David Stroupe
Legacy Award: Walter Doyle and Sharon Feiman Nemser
Mid-Career Award: Keffrelyn D. Brown
Research on Innovations in Addressing Issues of Diversity in Teaching and Teacher Education Award:: Alberto J. Rodriguez
Outstanding Dissertation Award: Steven H. Kushner

Division L: Educational Policy and Politics
Outstanding Educational Policy Report Award: Gary Henry, Adam Kho, and Ron Zimmerman
Lifetime Achievement Award: Gary A. Orfield
Dissertation Award: Daniella Hall and Marialena Dawn Rivera