About the AERA Consortium of University and Research Institutions
About the AERA Consortium of University and Research Institutions


The Consortium of University and Research Institutions (CURI) is an integral part of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Dedicated to the mission of the Association, AERA-CURI is comprised of schools and colleges of education and research institutions committed to producing knowledge about education and fostering the expertise of the next generation of education scientists and scholars.

AERA-CURI serves as a unique forum for its member institutions to (1) examine and collaborate on emerging and persisting issues associated with their research missions, (2) facilitate their engagement in AERA's education and advocacy efforts to promote federal research support and sound research policies, and (3) enhance collaborative efforts among individual scholars within AERA and the academic and research institutions of which they are a part.

AERA-CURI achieves its objectives through an Executive Committee and the active engagement of its member institutions. It is the only such consortium that allows for universities and research institutions to be an integral part of and contribute directly to an association dedicated to promoting education research goals for the nation.


AERA-CURI is open to all education research institutions, universities, or associations. Current membership includes representatives from many leading schools of education, as well as non-university based research institutions, and professional associations. AERA-CURI member institutions may send as many representatives as desired to the Annual Fall Policy Meeting.

Annual membership dues are $1,450 per institution, which includes one registration to the AERA-CURI Fall Policy Conference. Dues run from September 1, 2023, through August 31, 2024. Please complete this form to join AERA-CURI and register for the 2023 AERA-CURI Fall Policy Conference, September 10-12, in Washington, DC. Questions may be directed to AERA-CURI@aera.net.


The AERA-CURI Executive Committee guides the work of the organization. Current Executive Committee members are listed here.