Social Justice Mission Statement
Social Justice Mission Statement

The American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Adopted by AERA Council in June 2004, Reaffirmed January 2006

As an elaboration of its general research mission, AERA commits itself:

to promote diversity and inclusiveness in AERA; that is, that all AERA members and participants in its activities have open access and opportunity (e.g., as officers or other leadership roles in SIGs, Divisions, or AERA-wide; in publishing, in Annual Meeting participation, or in AERA-sponsored activity);

to promote social justice principles and policies in the conduct of education research; that is, in funding of research and training;

to promote activities (e.g., through the work of the Organization of Institutional Affiliates, in AERA's education and training programs) that foster a diverse community of education researchers; and

to disseminate and promote the use of research knowledge and stimulate interest in research on social justice issues related to education.