Presidential Sessions to Engage Attendees on Pressing Topics in Education Research
Presidential Sessions to Engage Attendees on Pressing Topics in Education Research

February 2022

The role education plays in young peoples’ civic participation and climate change research, discussions about how queer-inclusive policy helps redress educational inequities, and decision making in the context of COVID-19 are just some of the topics covered in the 2022 Annual Meeting presidential sessions. These offerings, curated by AERA President Na’ilah Suad Nasir and Program Co-Chairs Tryphenia Peele-Eady and Elizabeth Tipton, align with the 2022 theme “Cultivating Equitable Education Systems for the 21st Century.”

The 13 sessions below join 13 others that were featured in last month’s Highlights. Complete descriptions of each are posted on the Annual Meeting website.

  • How Can the Science of Human Learning and Development Inform Preparing Students to Engage in Civic Reasoning?
  • Illusions of Queer Inclusion: On the Promise, Paradox, and Precarity of Pre-K–12 LGBTQ+-Inclusive Education Policy
  • Interdisciplinary and Critical Conceptualizations of Climate Change Education and Research
  • “In the Face of What We Remember”: Why We Must Talk About Race in Education
  • K–12 Education Decision Making in the Context of Covid-19
  • Measuring Equity: How Do We Measure Equity in Schools at Scale?
  • Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Building Systems for Racial Justice and Equity
  • Philanthropy as a Lever for Racial Equity in Education
  • Police-Free Schools: Education Research and Antiracist Movements
  • Quantitative Methods for Rigorous Equitable Research
  • Reimagining Methodological Approaches for Disrupting Anti-Blackness in STEM Education
  • Reimagining School Districts as Sites for Transformation
  • Reimagining the Education Research Commons: Toward Epistemic Justice

The AERA 2022 Presidential Address by Nasir will take place on April 25. Information on general sessions is available to view in the full program. Learn more about the Annual Meeting theme on the AERA website.

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