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The American Educational Research Journal (AERJ) publishes original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education. The editors seek to publish articles from a wide variety of academic disciplines and substantive fields; they are looking for clear and significant contributions to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes. Manuscripts not appropriate for submission to this journal include essays, reviews, course evaluations, and brief reports of studies to address a narrow question.

Teaching, Learning, and Human Development
The AERJ's section on Teaching, Learning, and Human Development (TLHD) publishes research articles that explore the processes and outcomes of teaching, learning, and human development at all educational levels and in both formal and informal settings. This section also welcomes policy research related to teaching, learning, and learning to teach. It publishes articles that represent a wide range of academic disciplines and use a variety of research methods.  

Social and Institutional Analysis
The AERJ's section on Social and Institutional Analysis (SIA) publishes scholarly research that addresses significant political, cultural, social, economic, and organizational issues in education. It welcomes analyses of the broad contextual and organizational factors affecting teaching and learning, the links between those factors and the nature and processes of schooling, and the ways that such "external" domains are conceptualized in research, policy, and practice. The editors invite articles that advance the theoretical understandings of the social and institutional contexts of education and encompass the diverse communities of schooling and educational research. They welcome research across a wide range of methodological paradigms, including ethnographic, historical, narrative, legal, experimental/quantitative, critical, and interpretive approaches; they also invite studies that make the nature and uses of educational research itself a subject of social and cultural inquiry.


AERJ-SIA Editorial Team Appointment for 2014-2015

AERA has announced the appointment of Teresa L. McCarty as editor, with Susan Faircloth, Gene Glass, James Ladwig, Stacey Lee, Stuart McNaughton, Laurence Parker, and Sofia Villenas as associate editors. The team is responsible for the 2014-2015 volumes of AERJ's Social and Institutional Analysis section.

AERJ-TLHD Editorial Team Appointment for 2014-2015

AERA has announced the appointment of Harold O’Neil as editor, with Zenaida Aguirre-Muñoz, Li Cai, Richard P. Durán, Robert Rueda, John Sweller, and Brendesha Tynes as associate editors.  The team is responsible for the 2014-2015 volumes of AERJ's Teaching, Learning, and Human Development section.

Latest Online AERJ Articles

Dewey's "Science as Method" a Century Later: Reviving Science Education for Civic Ends
Rudolph, J. L.

The Gerrymandering of School Attendance Zones and the Segregation of Public Schools: A Geospatial Analysis
Richards, M. P.

Missing the (Student Achievement) Forest for All the (Political) Trees: Empiricism and the Mexican American Studies Controversy in Tucson
Cabrera, N. L., Milem, J. F., Jaquette, O., Marx, R. W.

What Works in Gifted Education: Documenting the Effects of an Integrated Curricular/Instructional Model for Gifted Students
Callahan, C. M., Moon, T. R., Oh, S., Azano, A. P., Hailey, E. P.

Learning Geometry Problem Solving by Studying Worked Examples: Effects of Learner Guidance and Expertise
Bokosmaty, S., Sweller, J., Kalyuga, S.

The Internal/External Frame of Reference Model of Self-Concept and Achievement Relations: Age-Cohort and Cross-Cultural Differences
Marsh, H. W., Abduljabbar, A. S., Parker, P. D., Morin, A. J. S., Abdelfattah, F., Nagengast, B., Moller, J., Abu-Hilal, M. M.

Faculty Mentors', Graduate Students', and Performance-Based Assessments of Students' Research Skill Development
Feldon, D. F., Maher, M. A., Hurst, M., Timmerman, B.

Toward More Joyful Learning: Integrating Play Into Frameworks of Middle Grades Teaching
Conklin, H. G.

Learning to See Teaching in New Ways: A Foundation for Maintaining Cognitive Demand
Tekkumru Kisa, M., Stein, M. K.

Enhancing Students' Engagement: Report of a 3-Year Intervention With Middle School Teachers
Turner, J. C., Christensen, A., Kackar-Cam, H. Z., Trucano, M., Fulmer, S. M.

Effects of Academic Vocabulary Instruction for Linguistically Diverse Adolescents: Evidence From a Randomized Field Trial
Lesaux, N. K., Kieffer, M. J., Kelley, J. G., Harris, J. R.

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