Message from Division VP
Division VP

Summer 2017 Message from the Vice President

Kadriye Ercikan, ETS

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you all enjoyed some relaxation time this summer. The AERA 2017 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX seems only a short while ago, yet proposals for the 2018 AERA Annual Meeting in New York City have already been submitted. The 2018 conference will start on Friday, April 13 and end on Tuesday, April 17. This year’s theme is “Dreams, Possibilities, and the Importance of Public Education.” Division D’s focus on educational measurement and research methodology is central to providing evidence of the significance of public education at different levels, including student, school, system, and societal levels  In the 2018 conference, I look forward to presentations and discussions of measurement and data construction methodologies, approaches for developing and evaluating programs, statistical models, and qualitative and multiple methodologies that help provide insights and inform decisions about public education. I join AERA President Deborah Loewenberg Ball and Program Co-Chairs Carla O’Connor and Suzanne Wilson in inviting you to volunteer to serve as a reviewer, discussant, or session chair.

Each year the Executive Committee of Division D holds an in-person meeting at the annual meeting to discuss how each of the Division’s activities are going and how we can make improvements. At last year’s Executive Committee meeting, we decided to engage in activities that would enhance our communication and help serve the membership better. One of the major things we implemented at the 2017 Annual Meeting was daily email blasts to inform the membership about highlighted sessions and events and help them get the most out of their conference participation. I want to thank the Communications Committee, a sub-committee of the Membership Committee, for implementing this communication strategy during the conference.  We received numerous emails thanking the Division for this service, indicating what a great success this initiative was.

We are in the process of making other changes. These are related to the format for the Business Luncheon Meeting, changes to the Dissertation Award, and the structure of the Division D sections.

  • The Business Luncheon will be replaced by an afternoon Business Meeting, with a keynote address, poster presentations, and a (free) reception. This will allow Division D members more opportunities to connect with fellow members in an informal setting without having to pay for a ticket. I hope that you will come to this meeting to find out about what’s going on in Division D, find out who the award winners are, participate in scholarly presentations, and socialize with other Division D members.
  • Currently, Division D’s dissertation award is restricted to research on quantitative methodology. Such a restriction does not reflect the wide range of research methodologies Division D members engage in, including measurement, qualitative research, and the use of multiple methods. The Dissertation Award Committee has proposed renaming the award as the “Division D Outstanding Dissertation Award” and changing the eligibility for this award. The Executive Committee has approved this proposal and in the coming weeks we will be bringing the proposal to the membership for a vote. Please look out for the proposal and indicate whether or not you support such a change.
  • The third change is an outcome of the review conducted by the Ad hoc Committee on Representation of Different Methodologies in Division D activities, website, awards, and conference program submissions and organization. The existing Division structure consisting of three sections – (1) Measurement, Psychometrics and Assessment, (2) Quantitative Methods and Statistical Theory, and (3) Qualitative Methodologies – leaves members whose research involves multiple methodologies having to submit to a section that does not fit their research well and perhaps not receiving appropriate reviews for their submissions. The Ad Hoc Committee is proposing that a fourth section on “Multiple Methodologies” be established. Please look out for further communication about changes to the Division D structure in the coming days.

In the rest of this letter, I recap some of the key information about awards, committees, sponsorships, and the 2017 Division D conference program. If you were at the Division D Business Luncheon, most of this information should be familiar to you.


I want to congratulate our 2017 awardees once again.

In Progress Research Gala

Kenneth Butler - University of South Florida

HyunJoo Jung - University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sunyoung Park - University of Texas at Austin

Early Career Award in Quantitative Research Methodology

Jasmine Ulmer, Assistant Professor, College of Education, Wayne State University 

Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology: Measurement

Leslie Rutkowski, Indiana University

Matthias von Davier, National Board of Medical Examiners

David Rutkowski, Indiana University

for their edited book Handbook of International Large-Scale Assessment: Background, Technical Issues, and Methods of Data Analysis


Robert L. Linn Distinguished Address Award

Mark R. Wilson, University of California, Berkeley


Awards Committees have also updated the call for nominations for the various awards. We will be distributing the information through the Newsletter and through the AERA-D listserv. The information will also be available on the Division D website at I encourage you to review these awards and consider nominating yourself or others to be recognized by the Division D awards. The deadline is typically in early November so please be on the lookout for such announcements. 


I would like to thank our 2017 sponsors – AIR, DRC, edCount, ETS, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Pearson – for supporting Division D once again. We raised $12,000 this year to support graduate student and early career mentorship activities. We soon will be contacting these and other organizations with connections to Division D to invite them to serve as sponsors for the 2018 Annual Meeting. Please thank your organization on our behalf if they sponsored us in 2017 and encourage them to serve as a sponsor in 2018.

Annual Meeting Report

Division D received 250 individual paper and 37 coordinated session proposals for the 2017 Annual Meeting. Of these, 103 individual paper and 29 coordinated session proposals were accepted. The following table provides summary information by section and proposal type (individual paper proposal or session proposal). 

In addition to contributed papers and sessions, Division D organized, sponsored, or co-sponsored the following sessions: 


Preconference Sessions 

  • Division D Graduate Student Seminar: Advancing Your Career in Measurement or Research Methodology and Finding the Real Meaning of Growth, Path, Analysis, and Curves organized by Dubravka Svetina
  • Considerations for Using Assessments Worldwide in Principled Ways organized by Maria Elena Oliveri
  • New Approaches to Critical and Comparative Case Study Methodologies organized by Lesley Bartlett


Highlighted Sessions

  • Division D Measurement and Research Methodology Luncheon and Business Meeting
  • Division D Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Research Methodology Award
  • The Challenges of Assessing Across Languages and Cultures, organized by Paul Westrick (Chair: International Committee)
  • Division D International Committee Reception, organized by Paul Westrick (Chair: International Committee)
  • Exemplary Work From Promising Scholars, organized by Christopher Runyon
  • Ethical Dilemmas Related to Assessment, Testing, and Selection, invited session organized by Avi Allalouf
  • Mixed-Methods Studies for Large-Scale Research Projects in Education, invited session organized by Lois Weis
  • Educational Research for Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity: Diverse Methodologies and Perspectives for Addressing Ongoing Inequality, invited session organized by Kamden Strunk (Chair: Committee on Equity and Inclusion)


Graduate Student Sessions

  • Fireside Chat: How Can the Philosophy of Measurement Illuminate What We Mean When We "Measure" in Education? organized by Christopher Runyon
  • Reception: 3rd Annual Division D/NCME Graduate Student Social
  • Division D In-Progress Research Gala, organized by Christopher Runyon
  • Division D Mentoring Reception for Graduate Students, organized by Jennifer Wolgemuth

We also collaborated with NCME and created an integrated program that listed AERA and NCME sessions. All of the above represents great work by our Division D Committees and volunteers.  My deepest appreciation for all their work.

Wishing you all a productive and rewarding academic year.

See you in New York City!

-Kadriye Ercikan

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