Opportunity for 2020 Annual Meeting Paper Authors to Create Interactive Presentations for New AERA Gallery—Deadline Extended: December 31
Opportunity for 2020 Annual Meeting Paper Authors to Create Interactive Presentations for New AERA Gallery—Deadline Extended: December 31

October  2020

The new AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery will open for scheduled live presentations and chats on January 5. Running through February 28, these interactive sessions will give presenters and users of the gallery unique opportunities to intersect with colleagues, talk about new research, and discuss current and future scholarly directions

AERA has extended the deadline for accepted 2020 AERA Annual Meeting authors to create presentations for the gallery to December 31. During this period, all papers accepted for the 2020 Annual Meeting, whether for paper sessions, symposia, roundtables, or poster sessions, are eligible for the creation of presentations.

“We are thrilled with the opportunities that the Interactive Presentation Gallery will provide scholars to present their work in innovative ways and to engage with others,” said AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine. “This platform helps to bring research to life and enables it to live on into the future. Although the opportunity is not time demanding, we extended the deadline to encourage wide participation in the face of additional COVID-19 pandemic demands.”

The Interactive Presentation Gallery is designed to allow users from around the world to access the platform. Users will also be able to engage in live chat sessions, participate in virtual meetings, and communicate through a Q&A function with authors who schedule such sessions through the end of February 2021. The interactive presentations (including the narration feature) and contact information to reach authors are permanent features of the gallery.

AERA is launching the gallery on January 5, with a focus on papers that were accepted for the cancelled 2020 AERA Annual Meeting. Like the Online Paper Repository, the gallery will be maintained from year to year. There will be a link between the gallery and the repository for authors who place their papers in the repository and their presentations in the gallery, with unique citations to each.

In September, AERA held two live demonstrations of the iPoster platform. These Zoom sessions provided an overview of the gallery and demonstrated how to create a presentation within the system. ASL and closed captioning were provided. Video recordings of the two demonstrations are posted on the AERA website. iPoster, the developer of the AERA Gallery, also has user-friendly training and contact information in case help is needed along the way. 

Facts and Opportunities sheet provides additional details. For further information, contact the AERA meetings team at annualmtg@aera.net.