AERA to Offer Course on Social Network Analysis and Education Research on August 10—Register Now
AERA to Offer Course on Social Network Analysis and Education Research on August 10—Register Now

July 2023

_ProfdevelAM2022The 2023 AERA Virtual Research Learning Series continues with another affordable, high-quality professional development opportunity on August 10. Shaun B. Kellogg (North Carolina State University), Bodong Chen (University of Pennsylvania), Oleksandra Poquet (University of South Australia), and Jeanne M. McClure (North Carolina State University) will lead “An Introduction to Social Network Analysis and Education Research: Core Concepts and Applications with R.”

Although social network analysis (SNA) and its educational antecedents date back to the early 1900s, the popularity of social networking sites has raised awareness of and renewed interest in networks and their influence. Moreover, as the use of digital resources continues to expand in education, data collected by these educational technologies and corresponding advances in computing power have also greatly facilitated the application of network analysis in education research. This course is designed to introduce education researchers with little or no background in SNA to social network theory, examples of network analysis in educational contexts, and applied experience analyzing real-world data sets.

To support scholars’ conceptual understanding of SNA as both a theoretical perspective and an analytical method, the instructors will provide short presentations and facilitate peer discussion on topics ranging from broad applications of SNA in educational contexts to specific approaches for data collection and storage. This course will also provide scholars with applied experience analyzing network data through code-alongs and interactive case studies that use widely adopted tools (e.g., R, RStudio, and GitHub) and demonstrate common techniques (e.g., network visualization, measurement, and modeling). Collectively, these activities will help scholars both appreciate and experience how SNA can be used to understand and improve student learning and the contexts in which learning occurs. While prior experience with R, RStudio, and GitHub is recommended to complete more advanced activities, it is not required.

This course is the fourth in the six-course 2023 AERA Virtual Research Learning Series, which will run through September. Course descriptions and registration information are available on the AERA website. All courses will provide dynamic instruction with active discussion, access to course materials, and Q&A with participants.

The cost of each course is $40 for AERA members and $55 for non-members. Registration includes not only the four-hour real-time class experience but also continued on-demand access to the recorded course through the AERA Virtual Research Learning Center.

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