Site to Create Content for 2024 AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery Opens February 7
Site to Create Content for 2024 AERA Interactive Presentation Gallery Opens February 7

January 2024

On February 7, the first-listed author of each paper to be presented at the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting—whether in a poster session, paper session, roundtable, symposium, structured poster session, or working group roundtable session—will receive an email invitation to create their presentation for display in the AERA i-Presentation Gallery.

The email invitation (which will come from “Presentation Gallery <>") will provide authors with information about how to log in and how to create a presentation.

The AERA i-Presentation Gallery, first introduced in 2020, is an open access product that features thousands of presentations from AERA annual meeting papers. To date, there are more than 8,700 annual meeting presentations in the Gallery. All presentations receive digital object identifiers (DOIs), which make them more easily discoverable and citable.

The i-Presentation Gallery provides an opportunity for authors of accepted Annual Meeting papers to take advantage of a user-friendly resource with a dynamic and expansive range of options for displaying their presentation content. All authors are encouraged to create an i-Presentation. However, if they wish, authors can also use PowerPoint, Keynote, or other software to create their presentation and easily upload it to the Gallery. Those who use the i-Presentation Gallery also have the option to record an overall narration and upload it as part of their presentation so that visitors can benefit from a pre-recorded overview of the work.

Papers in the Gallery are accessible to all Annual Meeting registrants once they are posted to the Gallery by authors. Attendees can contact authors to set up chats, and authors have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one or group conversations on the platform. Those who choose to do so can schedule a time to chat or hold their live video presentation through the Gallery, using meeting services like Zoom or Webex.

Philadelphia poster session and structured poster session presenters will present and discuss their posters on large-format touchscreen monitors in scheduled sessions to be held in the area dedicated to poster sessions. Poster presenters simply access their presentations from the Gallery to show their work with the dynamic features that electronic interactive monitors provide.

AERA will once again provide guidance for authors who are creating i-Presentations. Dates and times will be announced shortly for several live training sessions (“Creating an i-Presentation”) to be held in March with the platform designers. These sessions will be recorded. To learn more about the i-Presentation Gallery, visit the AERA website.