High-Profile Presidential Sessions Scheduled for 2023 Annual Meeting
High-Profile Presidential Sessions Scheduled for 2023 Annual Meeting

January 2023

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AERA President Rich Milner and the 2023 Presidential Program co-chairs have developed 45 presidential sessions that contribute to the 2023 Annual Meeting theme, “Interrogating Consequential Education Research in Pursuit of Truth,” which focuses on ensuring equitable processes and results through education research.

The sessions focus on compelling topics that will engage attendees, such as thriving in urban environments, Black academic brilliance through athletics, and HBCU leadership.

A selection of highlighted sessions is below. Complete descriptions for all presidential sessions are available in the program. These sessions provide a sample of the rich content available for attendees at the 2023 Annual Meeting. More sessions will be featured in future AERA Highlights as the meeting approaches.

  • Talk Time with the OGs: Big Homies That Risked It All to Make Pursuits of Hard Truths More Possible in Research and Practice
  • Interrogating and Reauthoring Savage Inequalities: Exploring Urban Educational Environment Truths Through Community Cultural Wealth
  • Athletes are (=) Scholars: (Re)positioning Black Athletic Genius to Answer the Educational Crisis
  • Black College Leadership in PK–12 Education
  • Toward the Fulfillment of Full Personhood: The Persistent Invisibility of Latinx Communities Across Institutions 2.0
  • Consequential Research on Learning and Development: Diverse Pathways for Learning and Integration Across Domains of Development
  • Critical Race Theory, Truth Telling, and “Consequential Education Research”
  • Next Generation Solutions: International Youth Forum on Emerging Initiatives and Potential Impacts
  • Why Brown Matters, Especially Now: Unsettling Histories of Desegregation
  • Disrupting Anti-Blackness in the Pursuit of Educational Equity, Truth, and Justice
  • The Role of Resistance in Medical, Legal, and Educator Professional Identity Formation: A Conversation in Chicago
  • The 26th Conversations with Senior Scholars on Advancing Research and Professional Development Related to Black Education
  • The State of Law and Education in the United States
  • The Truth about the Overwhelming Presence of Whiteness 20 Years Later: Today’s Interrogations of Race, Racism, and white supremacy in Teacher Education

In addition, the 2023 Presidential Address will take place on Friday, April 14, from 4:40 to 5:40 p.m. Information about general sessions is available in the program. Learn more about the Annual Meeting theme on the AERA website.