AERA Launches the 2023 Online Paper Repository
AERA Launches the 2023 Online Paper Repository

August 2023

Nearly 4,700 full-text papers presented at the 2023 AERA Annual Meeting were added to AERA’s open access Online Paper Repository in August. This number represents 48 percent of the papers presented at that meeting. Of the 4,677 papers in this year’s repository, 3,986 are from the in-person meeting in Chicago (April 13–16) and 691 are from the virtual component (May 4–5).

In total, over 54,000 papers from the past 13 AERA Annual Meetings are available online. Since 2010, there have been over 102,000 downloads from this open access resource.

Since 2017, each full-text paper has been assigned a digital object identifier (DOI), which allows for persistent discoverability and accurate citation.

In 2022, the repository was enhanced with improved functionality, a new color palette, and graphics from each of the annual meetings.

The repository is a searchable resource, with abstracts of all scientific presentations given at AERA annual meetings since 2010. AERA encourages all presenters to make their full-text papers available to the repository as a way to disseminate their research more widely, enhance use, and allow for appropriate acknowledgment.

For information about papers presented at an annual meeting before 2010, please visit the online program for that meeting (programs are available on the AERA website back to 2005). Those seeking full-text papers presented at AERA Annual Meetings before 2010 or not included in the Repository subsequently need to contact the authors directly.