Division D Changes Name and Adds New Section
Division D Changes Name and Adds New Section
March 2018 

AERA Division D has changed its name from Measurement and Research Methodology to Measurement and Research Methodologies, added a new section (Multiple and Mixed Methodologies), and renamed two other sections. The revisions were approved by AERA Council in February.

Established in 1965, Division D was one of the first four AERA Divisions.  Its initial focus on quantitative methodology reflected the dominant methodological approaches at that time. The change in the name of the Division and addition of a new section reflect the multiple methodologies now commonly used in education research.

“We are so pleased that AERA Council approved of important changes for Division D,” said Division D Vice President Kadriye Ercikan (Educational Testing Service).  “During the last four decades, the importance of qualitative, multiple, and mixed methodologies in education research has been widely recognized. We are so pleased to have AERA and our division at the forefront of reflecting and driving these developments.”




Division Name

Measurement and Research Methodology

Measurement and Research Methodologies

Section 1 (same)

Measurement, Psychometrics and Assessment

Measurement, Psychometrics and Assessment

Section 2

Quantitative Methods and Statistical Theory

Statistical Theory and Quantitative


Section 3

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Methodologies

Section 4 (new)

Multiple and Mixed Methodologies