Centennial Volume of <em>AERJ</em> Now Available
Centennial Volume of AERJ Now Available

April 2017

This month, AERA released the Centennial issue of the American Educational Research Journal, the association’s third and final Centennial journal issue. The other two came out in 2016: Educational Researcher, “
A Living Lens: AERA Past Presidents Reflect on 100 Years of Education Research,” and Review of Research in Education, “Education Research: A Century of Discovery.

The AERJ special issue, edited by Teresa L. McCarty and Harold F. O’Neil, Jr., is titled “Education Research for the Next 100 Years—A Renewed Vision of Interdisciplinarity for the New AERJ.” It is available on the AERA website with toll-free links.

In the call for papers for the volume, McCarty (SIA editor, 2014–2015) and O’Neil (TLHD editor, 2014–2015) sought “leading-edge, visionary research on critical education issues that substantively moves the field—and AERA—into the ‘next 100 years.’” Each of the issue’s 13 chapters is followed by a commentary from an expert in the field.  

In the volume’s introduction, the authors (McCarty, Nicole Mancevice, Sebastian Lemire, and O’Neil) provide a historic framework for the volume as they situate the chapters and commentaries in four thematic areas: (1) issues of race, ethnicity, and schooling experiences; (2) school segregation, school access and resources, and reform efforts to address persistent education inequities across urban, suburban, and rural contexts; (3) language learning and instruction; and (4) social and cultural aspects of learning.