From the Field: Education Research During a Pandemic
From the Field: Education Research During a Pandemic

Published Online in:
Educational Researcher
July 7, 2020

David DeMatthews, University of Texas at El Paso
David Knight, University of Washington
Pedro Reyes, University of Texas at Austin
Amber Benedict, Arizona State University
Rebecca Callahan, University of Texas at Austin

Education researchers have been impacted by COVID-19 as school closures interrupted ongoing education research, including clinical trials, case study and ethnographic inquiry in schools, and longitudinal studies using federal, state, or district administrative data. The recommendations we present here focus on immediate and future actions education researchers can take to support public health and educational institutions dealing with a pandemic. Clearly not exhaustive, our recommendations are intended to prompt the education research community to collectively consider how the field’s efforts can both inform the knowledge base and support frontline educators and health care researchers dealing with COVID-19.

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