The AERA Communications program advances AERA’s mission by raising public awareness of high-quality education research and promoting the value of AERA programs, events, and publications. Strategic communications planning guides the Communications team’s initiatives. By sharing news, information, resources, and expert commentary with key audiences, and engaging with internal and external constituencies, through a variety of channels, AERA Communications works to build awareness, appreciation, and support for the association and the education research field.

Primary components of the AERA Communications program include:

Media Relations

AERA Communications staff regularly identifies and publicizes newsworthy AERA journal articles, through embargoed news releases and author interview videos; connects reporters with the latest research and leading researchers on key education topics, at all levels of education; identifies and promotes Annual Meeting research presentations of interest to the trade and general news media; develops opportunities for one-on-one and small group briefings with reporters and AERA leaders; and raises media awareness of special AERA events, programs, and research products.   

Social Media

Through multiple social media channels—including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube—AERA Communications proactively interacts with AERA members and other key audiences; distributes news and information about AERA-published research, events, and programs; and tracks and shares updates on broader education research and science issues and trends. 


AERA Communications oversees the content and overall structure of the AERA website. The site, which serves as the primary public conduit to AERA and the field of education research, not only highlights high-quality peer-reviewed research, but also promotes the association’s public policy priorities, programming to support quality research, professional development opportunities, and Annual Meeting and other important public events. The Communications staff is deeply involved in maintaining, updating, and improving the multimedia content on the AERA site.   

Briefings and Events

Working closely with the AERA Executive Director’s office, Government Relations team, and Meetings staff, the Communications team plays an important role in planning, executing, and publicizing special events, including the annual AERA Brown Lecture in Education Research and Capitol Hill briefings, designed to raise the visibility of AERA priorities, programs, and initiatives as well as innovations in the education research field.  

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