Innovative Features at 2013 Annual Meeting
Innovative Features at 2013 Annual Meeting
Innovative Features at 2013 Annual Meeting

September 2012

General Program Chair Kristen Renn has announced three new features for the 2013 AERA Annual Meeting: the inaugural AERA film festival, TEDx-AERA events, and Ignite presentations.

AERA Film Festival

The Association’s Inaugural Film Festival will feature contemporary films related to the conference theme, “Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy, and Praxis,” and to other critical issues in education. The Film Festival Planning Committee welcomes suggestions. We are particularly interested in featuring films that contend with issues of identity, bullying, or school reform, in both U.S. and international contexts. Films will run throughout the Annual Meeting, and some will include postviewing discussions led by educators, filmmakers, and researchers. All films to be screened must have been released no earlier than 2010. Suggestions may be sent to Film Festival Planning Committee Chair Margaret Sallee.

The festival will also feature an amateur film competition. Any AERA member is eligible to submit either a documentary or a narrative film for consideration to be screened at the conference in San Francisco. Films must have been made no earlier than 2010 and focus on issues broadly related to education or poverty. They must be between 15 and 75 minutes long. Prizes will be awarded for the best films. To be considered, films must be submitted by January 1, 2013. Visit the Annual Meeting website after October 1 for additional detail, including criteria for film selection and instructions for submitting. Please contact Margaret Sallee with any questions or comments.

TEDx-AERA Events

TEDx-AERA will enable education researchers to use the TEDx format for “ideas worth spreading.” Presenters will address the conference theme or some other compelling aspect of the practice of education research. Richard Reddick is coordinating the TEDx-AERA events.


Ignite presentations, like Pecha Kucha, are short talks accompanied by automatically timed slides, 20 slides of 15 seconds each (5 minutes total). The point of Ignite presentations is to present an idea about some topic—in this case, the conference theme—in an engaging, concise way. Ignite sessions are coordinated by Christine Greenhow.


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