Opportunity to Participate in 2024 AERA i-Presentation Gallery Remains Open for Authors—Deadline June 28
Opportunity to Participate in 2024 AERA i-Presentation Gallery Remains Open for Authors—Deadline June 28

May 2024

Although the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting is over, authors still have an opportunity to upload or update their presentations in the AERA i-Presentation Gallery by June 28, 11:59 p.m. PT, before the 2024 Gallery goes live on July 10.

Authors are encouraged to log in and create their presentations or “publish” them if they have already started, whether they were delivered at paper, poster, or roundtable sessions or as part of symposia. All presenting authors received an email from presentation-gallery@aera.net on May 28 with their unique log-in information.  

The open access AERA i-Presentation Gallery is a web-based digital platform where researchers can share their work in various interactive formats, enhancing discoverability and engagement. It ensures that research presentations given at annual meetings remain accessible and influential long after the event itself.

The process of creating or updating an i-presentation is straightforward. Authors of 2024 accepted papers can edit their presentations further if they wish and have already published in the Gallery; they can create or edit an interactive, multimedia presentation if they have not yet published; or they can simply upload a PDF of their existing presentation. AERA strongly recommends adding an overall narration—either audio or video—to provide a comprehensive understanding of the work. This addition not only boosts viewer engagement but also makes the presentations more accessible to individuals with visual or audio impairments.

Each i-Presentation published in the Gallery will receive a unique digital object identifier (DOI), which authenticates the presentation and enhances its citable value. Additionally, the platform allows for comments, chat engagements, and video interactions, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and feedback among researchers. Presenters can also track the reach and impact of their work through detailed statistics.

For those who have already published their presentations in the Gallery, there is no re-publication necessary after making changes: Users simply need to log in, update their presentation, and log out. The last edition is the final edition.

The benefits of participating in the AERA i-Presentation Gallery are significant. As an open access resource, the Gallery makes education research readily available to a global audience, increasing the visibility and impact of each presentation. Gallery participants can enhance their professional profiles by having their work more widely accessible and citable.

To assist with the process, the AERA i-Presentation Support Team is available to provide technical support and answer any questions. They can be reached at support@ipostersessions.com for help with creating and updating i-Presentations. General inquiries about the Gallery can be directed to presentation-gallery@aera.net.

“We highly encourage authors to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their work in the AERA i-Presentation Gallery,” said AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine. “By doing so, they contribute to a growing repository of knowledge that is accessible, engaging, and impactful.”