2023 Virtual Research Learning Series to Kick Off with Two Courses in June—Register Now
2023 Virtual Research Learning Series to Kick Off with Two Courses in June—Register Now

May 2023

The 2023 AERA Virtual Research Learning Series will begin in June with two courses.

Advanced Meta-Analysis

On June 1, “Advanced Meta-Analysis” will be taught by Terri D. Pigott (Georgia State University), Tasha Beretvas (University of Texas at Austin), Ryan Williams (American Institutes for Research), and Wim Van den Noortgate (KU Leuven).

Course topics include models for handling multiple effect sizes per study (dependent effect sizes) and exploring heterogeneity, the use of meta-analysis structural equation modeling (MASEM), and an introduction to single-case experimental design meta-analysis. In addition to lectures, there will be opportunities for hands-on exercises and individual consultation.

The course is designed for researchers who have experience with systematic review and meta-analysis but who are interested in learning advanced methods for meta-analysis. Knowledge of basic descriptive statistics, systematic review, and basic meta-analysis is assumed. The statistical package R will be used to conduct the statistical techniques discussed. Participants are encouraged to bring their own research in progress to the course.

Access to and Use of the Trajectories into Early Career Research Data Set

On June 15, David Feldon (Utah State University) and Kaylee Litson (Utah State University) will teach “Access to and Use of the Trajectories into Early Career Research Data Set: An 8-Year Longitudinal Mixed Methods Data Set of Biological Sciences Ph.D. Students.”

This course will teach participants how to access data and documentation from the Trajectories into Early Career Research data set; introduce the instruments, interview protocols, and data formats; provide instruction and code to prepare data for analysis; and facilitate discussions of participant-identified research questions and analytic techniques.

The course consists of an overview lecture introducing the data set and major study findings to date, and live demonstrations and hands-on practice accessing and structuring data. It is geared toward graduate students and early-to-mid career scholars—especially those whose access to data was disrupted by the pandemic—with interests in postsecondary education, transitions into STEM careers, adult learning and motivation, research training, and/or longitudinal or mixed methods analytic techniques.

2023 AERA Virtual Research Learning Series

These courses are the first in the six-course 2023 AERA Virtual Research Learning Series, which will run through September. Course descriptions and registration information are available on the AERA website. All courses will provide dynamic instruction with active discussion, access to course materials, and Q&A with participants.

The cost of each course is $40 for AERA members and $55 for non-members. Registration includes not only the four-hour real-time class experience but also continued on-demand access to the recorded course through the AERA Virtual Research Learning Center.

Questions about the courses can be directed to profdevel@aera.net.