2023 AERA Annual Meeting to Be Held in Chicago and Online
2023 AERA Annual Meeting to Be Held in Chicago and Online

May 2022

On April 13, AERA Council approved a resolution calling for the 2023 Annual Meeting to be held as a dual component meeting. Paper and session submitters will indicate whether they wish to be scheduled place-based in Chicago or on the virtual platform, if accepted. The 2023 conference will be AERA’s first planned dual-component meeting, after having to transition to a hybrid model for 2022 as a result of a surge in COVID-19 starting August 2021 with the Delta variant.

“We are thrilled to capitalize on what we learned from having to pivot to a dual-component annual meeting in 2022 and build on our successful experience,” said AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine. “By giving participants the option of attending place-based or virtually, we are aiming to expand access and enhance the attendee experience.”

The current meeting dates of April 13–16, 2023, will be expanded to accommodate the dual-component model. AERA will announce the expanded dates by the end of June.

The call for submissions for the 2023 Annual Meeting will open on May 31 and close on July 27.