U.S. Vaccination Cardholders Attending On-Site Annual Meeting Need to Confirm Vaccination Status Soon; Process in Place for Non-U.S. Vaccination Cardholders
U.S. Vaccination Cardholders Attending On-Site Annual Meeting Need to Confirm Vaccination Status Soon; Process in Place for Non-U.S. Vaccination Cardholders

Editor's Note: On April 1, AERA switched to SafeAccess for COVID-19 vaccine verification. The updated information can be found in the Proof of Vaccination policy on the Annual Meeting website.

January 2022

AERA urges those who plan to attend the place-based component of the 2022 Annual Meeting to review and follow the process for verifying their COVID-19 vaccination status as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute delays that may affect their ability to attend. In November, the AERA Executive Board approved a policy requiring that COVID vaccinations and masking be required of all registrants, attendees, participants, and staffs throughout the place-based component of the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting and all event spaces in San Diego.

AERA has procedures in place to verify vaccination status for both U.S. and non-U.S. vaccination card holders. AERA will continue to keep place-based attendees informed about services, protocols, and policies. The masking requirement will remain in place unless guidance from public health authorities leading up to the Annual Meeting recommends that the AERA Council revisit this policy.

“The policies we have adopted for this year are essential to ensure a safe, secure, and supportive meeting,” said AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine. “In order to do that, we encourage attendees with U.S. and non-U.S. vaccination cards to familiarize themselves with the verification steps and take the appropriate steps.”

For those with U.S. vaccination cards, AERA has partnered with the CLEAR app to utilize its Health Pass feature. The CLEAR app allows users with U.S. vaccination cards to easily provide proof of COVID status on their smart phone for faster entry into the conference once they are in San Diego. Detailed instructions for downloading the app and setting up vaccination information can be found on the Annual Meeting website.

In-person attendees with non-U.S. vaccination cards will not be able to use CLEAR, as it can only be used with U.S. vaccination cards. In this case, attendees will need to show proof of vaccination and their passport with proof of their date of arrival in the U.S. in order to receive their registration credentials. This applies to both individuals who registered online ahead of time and those who do so on-site. Individuals with a U.S. passport who live and were vaccinated outside the country will need to follow this procedure as well. CDC guidelines should be followed for entry into the U.S. The State Department’s website and the CDC’s website provide more details.

The CDC recommends that once international travelers are in the U.S., they:

U.S. vaccination card holders who have questions about the CLEAR Health Pass process can contact CLEAR’s member care team directly in the CLEAR app, by calling 1-855-CLEARME (253-2763), or through email at memberservices@clearme.com. Other Annual Meeting vaccination questions should be directed to the AERA Meetings Team at annualmtg@aera.net.