Presenters in Place-Based Sessions Who Wish to Migrate to Virtual Need to Do So by March 8
Presenters in Place-Based Sessions Who Wish to Migrate to Virtual Need to Do So by March 8

January 2022

2022 Annual Meeting participants in accepted sessions, paper sessions, roundtable sessions, and symposia who, as a group, wish to move from the place-based meeting in San Diego to the virtual platform have until March 8 to do so. Poster session authors presenting place-based also have until March 8 to make a shift if they plan to be available only through the virtual platform.   

The March 8 deadline gives AERA staff and Pathable, AERA’s Annual Meeting virtual platform vendor, enough time to implement changes that ensure sessions are fully and seamlessly transferred from on-site to virtual and can be fully supported during the conference.

Sessions that want to make the shift from place-based to virtual should do so by sending an email to The email should include the session title and the scheduled date and time. Only one person should advance a change for a session and specify within the email their full name and preferred contact email. AERA staff will make the change for sessions wishing to migrate to the virtual platform.

“We understand that a decision can be challenging to make given uncertain and shifting COVID-related conditions, especially as a group,” said AERA Executive Director Felice J. Levine. “We were so impressed that every session—100 percent—responded to an initial choice by December 10 as to whether to present placed-based in San Diego or on the virtual platform. March 8 is the date we promised to participants if you wish to make a change. Whatever your decision, we welcome your participation and continued support.”

As reported in the December 2021 AERA Highlights, almost 80 percent of sessions overall are designated to be presented on-site in San Diego. A majority of authors of papers to be presented in poster sessions also chose the place-based option by the December 10 deadline.