AERA to Publish Book on Early Childhood Research
AERA to Publish Book on Early Childhood Research

January 2020

In June, AERA will release a new groundbreaking volume: Advancing Knowledge and Building Capacity for Early Childhood Research, edited by Sharon Ryan, M. Elizabeth Graue, Vivian L. Gadsden, and Felice J. Levine. The table of contents can be viewed here.

The volume emanated from a 2015 conference at the AERA headquarters: “Advancing Knowledge and Building Capacity for Early Childhood Research: Creating Synergies Among Segregated Scholarly Communities.” The conference examined the state of the knowledge, identified critical research areas, considered promising research designs and methodologies, and assessed capacity-building needs and potential approaches to innovative collaborations. The participants explored the state of early childhood research, links to policy and practice, and the interplay of the two.

The volume, which includes 12 chapters along with an introduction and conclusion, builds on the work of the conference and employs a multidisciplinary approach to research on early childhood development and education. In their introduction, the editors note that the book aims to “reflect how scholarly perspectives shape the contours of knowledge generation.” They hope that the book will “illuminate the invisible gaps that prevent productive interchange among scholars who value equity in the opportunities available to young children, their families, and teachers/caregivers.”

The volume will be available for advance purchase on the AERA website in June, and will be available in print, eBook, and print/eBook bundle formats.