AERA Virtual Research Learning Center Open for Business
AERA Virtual Research Learning Center Open for Business
AERA Virtual Research Learning Center Open for Business
August 2013

AERA is pleased to announce that the AERA Virtual Research Learning Center (VRLC) has now fully opened with new professional development and training courses available online. The AERA-VRLC provides introductory and advanced training courses on research methods, data analysis, and statistical techniques, as well as professional/career development trainings in education research. It offers the latest learning and training related to education research for wide audiences of undergraduate and graduate students, scholars, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, journalists, and others who use and produce research around the world.

The AERA-VRLC is debuting with five professional development courses led by prominent and well-known scholars and researchers who bring a wealth of expertise, knowledge, and experience to their course instruction. The courses currently available include:

  • How to Analyze Large-Scale Assessments Data From Matrix Booklet Sampling Design: Focus on Psychometrics Behind and Hands-On Analysis Using Actual Sample Data
  • How to Get Published: Guidance From Emerging and Senior Scholars
  • International Education Research Made Easier: How to Use Several Free Online Data Tools
  • Introduction to the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Longitudinal Database
  • Using the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth for Education Research

The AERA-VRLC aims to be a dynamic home for education research learning and teaching. The center is developing a comprehensive library of courses, webinars, and training modules that build research capacity and skills for scientists, scholars, and research users and consumers.

“We are excited to offer these high-quality professional development and training courses in an online format,” said George L. Wimberly, AERA Director of Professional Development. “The AERA-VRLC will continue to provide these capacity-building research resources for students, emerging scholars, and experts seeking to advance their knowledge in the field of education research. The ultimate goal is for researchers around the world to turn to the AERAVRLC to enhance, expand, or refresh their research skills.”

For further information about the AERA-VRLC, including complete course descriptions, course fees, and registration information, visit the AERA-VRLC webpage or contact

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