2012 AERA Election Results
2012 AERA Election Results

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2012 AERA Election Results
March 2012 

Barbara Schneider, of Michigan State University, was voted AERA president-elect in the Association’s 2012 election. Five other education researchers were elected to member-at-large positions on the AERA Council, and 6 were elected to representative positions on Council.

Schneider’s research focuses on family, social context of schooling, and sociology of knowledge, with particular focus on improving educational opportunities for students with limited economic and social resources. She is coauthor of numerous books and coeditor of two AERA volumes, Estimating Causal Effects Using Experimental and Observational Designs (2007) and the Handbook of Education Policy Research (2009). Schneider has also served as editor of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis and Sociology of Education. She holds a Ph.D. from Northwestern University.

The 5 new members-at-large are Ann E. Austin, Michigan State University (1-year term), Dolores Delgado Bernal, University of Utah (1-year term), Gary L. Anderson, New York University (2-year term), M. Elizabeth (Beth) Graue, University of Wisconsin–Madison (3-year term), and Cynthia A. Tyson, The Ohio State University–Columbus (3-year term). Anderson and Graue will also serve on the AERA Executive Board.

The new members-at-large are part of an expansion of the AERA Council to increase the number of members-at-large from 2 to 6, and the varied terms will result in a rotation of 2 new members-at-large on Council each year. The expansion was approved by the AERA membership in a referendum included in the 2011 AERA election.

Schneider and the 5 new members-at-large will assume their positions at the end of the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting.

Four researchers were elected as division vice presidents and will join AERA Council beginning in 2013. They are Kathy Nakagawa, Arizona State University (Division E), Adrianna Kezar, University of Southern California (Division J), A. Lin Goodwin, Columbia University (Division K), and Ellen B. Goldring, Vanderbilt University (Division L). In addition, graduate student Jennifer Carinci, Johns Hopkins University, was voted chair-elect of the Graduate Student Council and will join AERA Council in 2013.

A total of 5,836 ballots were cast in this year’s election. The participation rate among eligible voters was 23.98%, compared with 25.33% in 2011, 25.86% in 2010, 24.05% in 2009, and 25.35% in 2008.

This election marks the fourth year that all ballots were cast electronically and the fourth year that SIG elections were conducted as part of the AERA election.

AERA is pleased to announce the following complete results of the 2012 election:

2012 General Election Results


Barbara L. Schneider, Michigan State University

Council Members-at-Large

(1-year term, 2012-2013)
Ann E. Austin, Michigan State University
Dolores Delgado Bernal, University of Utah

(2-year term, 2012-2014) 
Gary L. Anderson, New York University*

(3-year term, 2012-2015)
M. Elizabeth (Beth) Graue, University of Wisconsin–Madison*
Cynthia A. Tyson, The Ohio State University–Columbus

*Executive Board Member

Division Vice Presidents
(3-year term, 2013-2016)

Division E: Counseling and Human Development
Kathy Nakagawa, Arizona State University

Division J: Postsecondary Education
Adrianna Kezar, University of Southern California

Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education
A. Lin Goodwin, Columbia University

Division L: Educational Policy and Politics
Ellen B. Goldring, Vanderbilt University

Division Secretaries
(2-year term, 2013-2015)

Division A: Administration, Organization, and Leadership
Megan Tschannen-Moran, College of William and Mary

Division D: Measurement and Research Methodology
Kristen Huff, Regents Research Fund

Division E: Counseling and Human Development
Cirecie A. West-Olatunji, University of Florida

Division J: Postsecondary Education
Victor B. Saenz, University of Texas at Austin

Division K: Teaching and Teacher Education
Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Teachers College, Columbia University

Division L: Educational Policy and Politics
Erica Frankenberg, Pennsylvania State University

Executive Council Member-at-Large (Division J: Postsecondary Education)
(3-year term, 2012-2015)

Michael Harris, The University of Alabama

SIG Executive Committee Members
(3-year term, 2012-2015)

Kathleen M. T.  Collins, University of Arkansas
Eve Tuck, SUNY–College at New Paltz

Graduate Student Council

Chair Elect (2012-2013; 3-year term, 2012-2015)
Jennifer Carinci, Johns Hopkins University

Secretary-Historian (1-year term, 2012-2013)
Lisa De La Rue, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign

Web-Secretary (1-year term, 2012-2013)
Chester Tadeja, Pepperdine University

Junior Newsletter Editor (2-year term, 2012-2014)
Laureen Adams, Claremont Graduate University

Special Interest Group (SIG) Election Results

Academic Audit Research in Teacher Education SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Christine Carrino Gorowara; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Christopher J. Campisano

Action Research SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Dannelle Stevens; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lonnie Rowell; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Barbara Kawulich

Adolescence and Youth Development SIG
Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Cathy Leogrande; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Tanner Wallace; Graduate Student Representative (1-year term, 2012-2013): Ajita Robinson

Adult Literacy and Adult Education SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Marguerite Lukes; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014):Amy Rose

Advanced Studies of National Databases SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Laura LoGerfo

Advanced Technologies for Learning SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde

Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning SIG
Chair-Elect (3-year term, 2012-2015): Amy Cheney; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014):Patrick O'Shea

Bilingual Education Research SIG
Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013):  Mileidis Gort

Career and Technical Education SIG
Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Janet Burns; Program Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013):Mary Jo Self

Caribbean and African Studies in Education SIG
Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Bekisizwe Ndimande; Program Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Deborah Conrad; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Pier Junor Clarke

Chaos and Complexity Theories SIG
Program Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Michelle Jordan

Classroom Assessment SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lisa Abrams

Classroom Management SIG
Vice President (1-year term, 2012-2013): Candence Melissa Schlein

Cognition and Assessment SIG
Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Andre Rupp; Vice-Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Laine Bradshaw;Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kristen Huff

Computer and Internet Applications in Education SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Evrim Baran; Program Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Amy Pittenger; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Jozenia Colorado

Critical Educators for Social Justice SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Lourdes Diaz Soto; Program Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Omiunota Ukpokodu; Co-Communications Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs; Co-Fiscal Chair (3-year term, 2012-2105): Fatima Pirbhai-Illich

Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education SIG
Program Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Kyunghwa Lee; Secretary (1-year term, 2012-2013):Mona Assaf; Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lacey Peters

Cultural Historical Research SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Peter Smagorinsky; Program Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014):Carrie Lobman; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Monica Hansen

Democratic Citizenship in Education SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Caroline Pryor; Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kathleen Brown; Secretary (3-year term, 2012-2015): Marie Sandy

Disability Studies in Education SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Emily Nusbaum; Program Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014):Srikala Naraian

Districts in Research and Reform SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Jacob Mishook; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013):Alan J. Daly

Early Education and Child Development SIG
Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Chris Brown; Senior Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Martha Buell; Junior Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Travis Wright;Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Abigail Jewkes

Ecological and Environmental Education SIG
Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Richard Kahn

Educational Change SIG
Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Dennis Shirley; Secretary/Treasurer (3-year term, 2012-2015):Santiago Rincón-Gallardo; Program Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Kristin Kew

Educational Statisticians SIG
Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): D. Betsy McCoach; Member-at-Large (1-year term, 2012-2013):  Jill Adelson; Member-at-Large (1-year term, 2012-2013): William Holmes Finch

Faculty Teaching, Evaluation, and Development SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Steve Benton

Family, School, Community Partnerships SIG
Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Monica Miller Marsh; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Renya García Ramos; Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Sam Redding; Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Rema Reynolds

Hierarchical Linear Modeling SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Oi-man Kwok; Vice-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Wen Luo;Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Nicholas Myers

Hispanic Research Issues SIG
Chair-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Mariela A. Rodriguez; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kristan M. Venegas; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Elsa Billings

Inclusion and Accommodation in Educational Assessment SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Sheryl Lazarus

Informal Learning Environments Research SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Jrène Rahm; Program Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lynn Tran; Nominations Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Vera Michalchik; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Heather Toomey Zimmerman; Newsletter Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Timothy David Zimmerman; Communications/Web Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Johanna Bromberg Craig

Instructional Technology SIG
Chair-Elect (3-year term, 2012-2015): Lin Lin; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Benjamin Erlandson; Communications Officer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Albert Ritzhaupt

International Studies SIG
Program Chair (3-year term, 2013-2016): Barbara Garii

Leadership for School Improvement SIG
Dissertation Award Committee Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Jennifer Clayton

Leadership for Social Justice SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Whitney Sherman Newcomb; Communications Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Joann Marshall

Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership SIG
Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Donald G. Hackman; Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Daniel Reyes-Guerra

Learning Environments SIG
Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Rebecca Nix

Learning Sciences SIG
Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lee Martin

Longitudinal Studies SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Linda Kimmel; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Bethany Bell; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Anne Hafner

Media, Culture, and Curriculum SIG
Program Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Rick Voithofer

Mentorship and Mentoring Practices SIG
Program Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Susan Myers

Middle-Level Education Research SIG
Executive Advisor (2-year term, 2012-2014): David Strahan; Vice-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014):Shawn Faulkner; Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Kenneth Anderson; Secretary (2-year term, 2012-2014): Penny Howell; Graduate Student Representative (2-year term, 2012-2014): Bridget Mahoney; Council Member (2-year term, 2012-2014): Karen Bostic; Council Member (2-year term, 2012-2014): Kathleen Brinegar; Council Member (2-year term, 2012-2014): Frances Spielhagen

Mixed Methods Research SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Janice Jones

Moral Development and Education SIG
Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Wiel Veugelers; Program Chair-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Dan Fasko

Motivation in Education SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Helen Watt; Program Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Jessica Summers; Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Toni Kempler Rogat

Multiple Linear Regression: The General Linear Model SIG
Program Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Robert Pearson; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kim Nimon

NAEP Studies SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Angie Mangiantini; Secretary (1-year term, 2012-2013): Elizabeth McEneaney; Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Shelia Schultz; Newsletter Editor (1-year term, 2012-2013): Carina McCormick; Webmaster (1-year term, 2012-2013): Crystal Jensen; Program Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Michelle Blair; Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Beverly McCauley Klecker

Narrative and Research SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Vicki Ross; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Roland Mitchell

Out-of-School Time SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Ellen Markowitz; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Jeffrey Jones; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Joy Connolly

Paulo Freire, Critical Pedagogy, and Emancipation SIG
Communications Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Donna Degenarro; Communications Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Herman S. Garcia; Program Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Rochelle Brock;Program Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Ana Cruz; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Mary Drinkwater; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Tricia Kress; Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Pierre Orelus; Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Shirley Steinberg

Philosophical Studies in Education SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Mark Jonas

Politics of Education SIG
President (2-year term, 2012-2014): Bonnie Fusarelli; Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014):Catherine DiMartino; Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Tina Trujillo

Professors of Educational Research SIG
Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Julie P. Combs; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013):Amanda M. Maddocks

Qualitative Research SIG
Secretary (3-year term, 2012-2015): Mark Vagle; Treasurer (3-year term, 2012-2015): Audra Skukauskaite

Queer Studies SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Kathleen Quinlivan; Secretary/Treasurer-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Ed Brockenborough; Program Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Jen Gilbert

Rasch Measurement SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Tim O'Neil; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Kirk Becker

Religion and Education SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kimberly White; Executive Committee Member (1-year term, 2012-2013): Steve Denig; Executive Committee Member (1-year term, 2012-2013): James Hartwick

Research Focus on Black Education SIG
Chair-Elect (3-year term, 2012-2015): Chance Lewis; Program Chair-Elect (3-year term, 2012-2015):Stephen D. Hancock; Communications Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Delois L. Maxwell

Research in Mathematics Education SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Maria Blanton; Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Shuhua An;Awards Committee Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014):  Denise Spangler

Research in Social Studies Education SIG
Assistant Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Stephanie Serriere; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Antonio Castro; Nominations and Elections Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013):Anne-Lise Halvorsen; Newsletter Editor (1-year term, 2012-2013): Wayne Journell;Webmaster/Webmanager (1-year term, 2012-2013): Tom Hammond

Research on Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent SIG
Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Del Siegle; Assistant Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Carol Carman; Secretary (2-year term, 2012-2014): Catherine Little; Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Kimberly Chandler; Member-at-Large (2-year term, 2012-2014): Matthew Makel;Graduate Student Representative (1-year term, 2012-2013): C. Matthew Fugate

Research on Learning and Instruction in Physical Education SIG
Chair-Elect (3-year term, 2012-2015): Dominique Banville

Research on Teacher Induction SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Andrea Kent; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Dana Bickmore; Membership Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Andre Green; Awards Committee Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lisa Lachlan-Hache’; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kathleen Topolka-Jorissen

Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Samuel D.  Museus

Research on the Superintendency SIG
Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Thomas Alsbury; Chair-Elect (2-year term, 2012-2014): Meredith Mountford

Research on Women and Education SIG
Chair-Elect (3-year term, 2012-2015): Barbara Polnick; Membership-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013):Nancy S. Niemi; Treasurer-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Pauline Sampson

Research Use SIG
Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Kimy Liu

Rural Education SIG
Program Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Paul Theobald

Safe Schools and Communities SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Decoteau Irby; Vice-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Margaret Mary (Boni) Thompson; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Roxana Marachi

School Choice SIG
Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Heather Olson Beal; Program Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Nina Buchanan

School Community, Climate, and Culture SIG
Program Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Lisa Bass

School Effectiveness and School Improvement SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Marlene Darwin; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Steve Strand; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Marie-Christine Opdenakker

School Turnaround and Reform SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Marlene Darwin; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Samuel Stringfield; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Marva Tutt

Science Teaching and Learning SIG
Program Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Sumi Hagiwara

Social and Emotional Learning SIG
Chair-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kim Schonert Reichl; Program Chair-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Hefer Bembenutty; Secretary/Treasurer-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Ruth Castillo Gualda; Graduate Student Representative-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Laura Artusio

Sociology of Education SIG
Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Eric Grodsky

Special Education Research SIG
Secretary/Treasurer-Elect (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lindsay Flynn

Spirituality and Education SIG
Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Anna Era MacBriar; Co-Chair (2-year term, 2012-2014): Tom Peterson; Secretary/Treasurer (2-year term, 2012-2014): Kathleen Harris

Stress and Coping in Education SIG
Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Russell Carson; Program Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Christopher J. McCarthy; Secretary/Treasurer (3-year term, 2012-2015): Rebecca Robles-Piña;Communications Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Emine Erktin; Communications Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Rich Lambert

Structural Equation Modeling SIG
Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Jeff Harring

Studying and Self-Regulated Learning SIG
Junior Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Timothy Cleary; Program Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Maria DiBenedetto; Secretary/Newsletter Editor (1-year term, 2012-2013): Erika Patall; Junior Treasurer/Membership (1-year term, 2012-2013): Adam Moylan

Survey Research in Education SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Hui-Ling Chen; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Peter Siegel; Business Secretary (1-year term, 2012-2013): Kate Shirley Akers

Teacher as Researcher SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Alan Amtzis

Teacher's Work/Teachers Unions SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Christine M. Gardner; Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Sarah A. Robert; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Jill A. Pinkney Pastrana

Teaching Educational Psychology SIG
Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Cynthia Bolton-Gary; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Martha Strickland

Teaching History SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Carla Peck; Program Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Scott Metzger

Technology as an Agent of Change in Teaching and Learning SIG
Vice-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Maggie Niess; Program Co-Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Doug Hearrington; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Chrystalla Mouza

Tracking and Detracking SIG
Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): John Knudson-Martin; Program Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015):Anysia Mayer; Secretary/Treasurer (3-year term, 2012-2015): Steven Drouin; Membership Chair (3-year term, 2012-2015): Colette Cann

Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research SIG
Chair (1-year term, 2012-2013): Pearl Chen; Secretary/Treasurer (1-year term, 2012-2013): Lori Kim