AERA Recognizes 2011 Outstanding Reviewers
AERA Recognizes 2011 Outstanding Reviewers
AERA Recognizes 2011 Outstanding Reviewers

June 2012

Editors of AERA journals have named 52 scholars as Outstanding Reviewers for 2011, recognizing individuals who rendered outstanding professional service to the journals, to AERA, and to education research. Each year, the editor of each open-submission AERA journal may designate up to 10 individuals who have performed numerous high-quality manuscript reviews for the journal. AERA journals employ rigorous peer review on all submitted manuscripts, and editors rely on expert peer reviewers to identify the highest quality scholarship for publication.

The 2011 Outstanding Reviewers and their deans were honored at a ceremony during the Journal Publications Committee Reception at the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia.

American Educational Research Journal, Section on Social and Institutional Analysis
Robert E. Floden, Michigan State University
Marybeth Gasman, University of Pennsylvania
Etta R. Hollins, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Richard Ingersoll, University of Pennsylvania
James T. Minor, Southern Education Foundation
Susan Moore Johnson, Harvard University
James P. Spillane, Northwestern University
Katharine Omenn Strunk, University of Southern California
Will Tyson, University of South Florida
Rose M. Ylimaki, University of Arizona

American Educational Research Journal, Section on Teaching, Learning, and Human Development
Arthur J. Baroody, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Andrew R. Elby, University of Maryland
Julie L. Kaomea, University of Hawaii
Kagendo Mutua, University of Alabama
Sharon Nelson-Barber, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning
Gregory J. Palardy, University of California, Riverside
Helen Patrick, Purdue University
Jason Ravitz, Buck Institute for Education
Megan Schleppenbach, University of Chicago
Peter Smagorinsky, University of Georgia

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis
Dylan P. Conger, George Washington University
Thurston Domina, University of California, Irvine
Brent Joseph Evans, Stanford University
Sara Goldrick-Rab, University of Wisconsin
Ellen B. Goldring, Vanderbilt Peabody College
Douglas N. Harris, University of Wisconsin
Brian Jacob, University of Michigan
Kristin Klopfenstein, Texas Christian University
Tatiana Melguizo, University of Southern California
Douglas Ready, Teachers College, Columbia University

Educational Researcher
Steven Z. Athanases, University of California, Davis
Noah Borrero, University of San Francisco
Derek C. Briggs, University of Colorado
B. Bradford Brown, University of Wisconsin
David F. Labaree, Stanford University
David O'Brien, University of Minnesota
Laura W. Perna, University of Pennsylvania
Patrick Proctor, Boston College
Joseph P. Robinson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics
Hyokyoung Hong, Baruch College
Cory Robert Koedel, University of Missouri
Won-Chan Lee, University of Iowa
Michelle Liou, Institute of Statistical Science Academia Sinica
J. R. Lockwood, RAND
Tim Moses, Educational Testing Service
Jochen Ranger, Justus Liebig University Giessen
Peter Steiner, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Elizabeth Stuart, Johns Hopkins University
Elizabeth Tipton, Teachers College, Columbia University

Review of Educational Research
Renee T. Clift, University of Arizona
Richard E. Mayer, University of California, Santa Barbara
Suzanne M. Wilson, Michigan State University

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