AERA Recognizes 2023 Outstanding Journal Reviewers
AERA Recognizes 2023 Outstanding Journal Reviewers

April 2024

AERA recognized 60 scholars as 2023 outstanding reviewers for AERA’s suite of journals at the AERA 2024 Annual Meeting. In a special ceremonial acknowledgment before a packed audience, these scholars were honored and thanked for excellence in reviewing and contributing to the high quality of AERA journals.

Susanna Loeb

The ceremony is an integral part of the AERA Publications Reception at the Annual Meeting, which also celebrates AERA’s Publications Program and the exemplary contributions of its editors and committee members. Journal Publications Committee Chair Susanna Loeb and AERA Director of Publications John Neikirk presided over the ceremonies.

Limited in the number of selections, AERA journal editors named 60 scholars as outstanding reviewers for 2023, honoring individuals who had rendered outstanding professional service to the journals, to AERA, and to education research. Each year, the editors of AERA’s six serial journals may designate up to 10 individuals per journal who have performed numerous remarkable reviews. AERA journals employ rigorous, anonymized peer review on submitted manuscripts, and editors rely on expert peer reviewers to identify the highest quality scholarship for publication.

Reviewers often undertake reviews for multiple journals; for 2023, two reviewers, Laura Wentworth and Lisa Dorner, each received awards from two journals.

The full list of outstanding reviewers for 2023 is available here.

The event also celebrated AERA’s Books Program, including the Books Editorial Board and its outgoing chair, Robert Floden, and the recent release of an innovative international volume, Inequality in Key Skills of City Youth: An International Comparison, edited by Stephen Lamb and Russell W. Rumberger.

The Journal Publications Committee and AERA’s current and outgoing editors were also acknowledged for their work and dedication to the Journals Program.

For their excellent service, Loeb thanked the outgoing Educational Researcher team (2020–2023): Coeditors Thurston Domina, Andrew McEachin, Dana Thompson Dorsey, and Sarah Woulfin, as well as June Ahn, whose term ended in 2022. Loeb also thanked two outgoing Review of Research in Education teams: Ronald Beghetto and Yong Zhao (2022, 2024), and Carol D. Lee and Richard M. Lerner, who were coeditors on the 2023 volume with Lead and Co-Lead Editors-in-Chief David Osher and Vivian Gadsden (2023, 2025).