AERA Recognizes 2022 Outstanding Journal Reviewers
AERA Recognizes 2022 Outstanding Journal Reviewers

April 2023

At the AERA Publications Reception at the place-based component of the 2023 Annual Meeting in Chicago, AERA celebrated its Publications Program and the excellent contributions of its editors, committee members, and especially the outstanding reviewers for the journals. Leading the order of ceremonies were Journal Publications Committee Chair Rachelle Winkle-Wagner and AERA Director of Publications John Neikirk.

The event featured a special ceremony to honor the 2022 outstanding reviewers. Limited in the number of selections, AERA journal editors named 60 scholars as outstanding reviewers for 2022, honoring individuals who rendered outstanding professional service to the journals, to AERA, and to education research. Each year, the editor(s) of AERA’s six serial journals may designate up to 10 individuals who have performed numerous remarkable reviews for the journal. AERA journals employ rigorous anonymized peer review on submitted manuscripts, and editors rely on expert peer reviewers to identify the highest quality scholarship for publication.

Reviewers will often complete reviews for multiple journals; for 2022, two reviewers, Paul De Boeck and Christopher Redding, each received awards from two journals.

Paul De Boeck (center) with JEBS Coeditors Steven Andrew Culpepper (left) and Gongjun Xu (right)

Paul De Boeck (second from right) with three of four RER Coeditors: Mildred Boveda (left), Erica Frankenberg (second from left), and Karly Sarita Ford (right)

Christopher Redding (left) with AERA Open Editor-in-Chief Kara Finnigan (right)

Christopher Redding (left) with outgoing EEPA Coeditor Julie A. Marsh

During the ceremony, each outstanding reviewer received a certificate and had their pictures taken with the editors. Like previous years, the event was festive in nature with attendees giving rousing applause to the award winners.

The list of outstanding reviewers for 2022 is available here.

The event also celebrated AERA’s Books Program, including the work of the Books Editorial Board and its Chair, Robert Floden, and also the recent release of two pioneering volumes, Volatility in State Spending for Higher Education, edited by Jennifer A. Delaney, and the Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers, edited by Conra D. Gist and Travis J. Bristol

The work of the Journal Publications Committee was also acknowledged—including Winkle-Wagner, whose 2021–2023 time as chair concluded during the Annual Meeting and who will be succeeded by Mark Berends—and AERA’s current and outgoing journal editors.

For their exceptional work, Winkle-Wagner thanked the outgoing Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis team (2019–2022): Coeditors Joseph R. Cimpian, Julie A. Marsh, and Paco Martorell; Associate Editors Allison Atteberry, Brent Evans, Jennifer Holme, and Gema Zamarro; and Managing Editor Laura Steen Mulfinger.

From left to right: Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, Julie A. Marsh, John Neikirk