President-Elect Ball Calls for Committee Nominations
President-Elect Ball Calls for Committee Nominations

Dear AERA Members,

Each AERA president alerts the membership when the committee appointment process is about to begin. Your professional service is vital to the ongoing work of the association. As President-elect, I am pleased to invite you to send me committee nominations—for yourself or colleagues. As members of the largest and the most prestigious association for education research and scholarship in the world, we have both the opportunity and the obligation to be inclusive with regard to our disciplinary perspectives and methodologies. I hope you will be interested in joining me in finding ways to influence the usefulness and rigor of education research within the United States and throughout our global community, and to translate culturally informed knowledge into policy and practice. It is essential that we continue to build our sphere of influence and that we deepen our collaborative exchanges and broaden AERA’s outreach to constituent groups, from students and schools to families, practitioners, and policy makers.

I am looking forward to making appointments to AERA committees, as set forth below, over the next weeks and couple of months. For each nominee, please send the name of the nominee (including self-nominations), the committee on which the individual brings relevant background to serve, and a one-page biographical vitae to


Deborah Loewenberg Ball
AERA President-Elect

Standing Committees
Annual Meeting Policies and Procedures 
Books Editorial Board
Government Relations
International Relations
JEBS Management
Journal Publications
Minority Fellowship Selection
Professional Development and Training
Research Advisory
Scholars and Advocates for Gender Equity in Education
Scholars of Color in Education
Social Justice Action

Awards Committees
Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education 
Early Career 
E. F. Lindquist
Excellence in Media Reporting on Education Research
Exemplary Contributions to Practice-Engaged Research
Outstanding Book
Outstanding Public Communication of Education Research
Palmer O. Johnson Memorial
Review of Research