Vancouver News, April 14, 2012
Vancouver News, April 14, 2012
Spotlight on the 2012 Annual Meeting

Saturday, April 14, 2012

AERA Early Career Award (2010) Lecture:

Guofang Li
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Re-Imagining Researcher-Practitioner
Partnerships: The Regional Educational

The Regional Educational Laboratories
(RELs) have long been charged with
responding to regional education needs,
but the newest generation of RELs will
conduct their work in a new way: through
sustained partnerships between researchers
and education practitioners.  Read more


AERA Distinguished Lecture: 

Jo-Ann Archibald

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 Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural 
Investigations Into Cognitive and 
Motivational Underpinnings of 
Mathematical Development

Understanding what causes variation in 
mathematical ability is a crucial step toward
raising students’ achievement and interest in
the field and decreasing mathematical disability.
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The Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture: 

William T. Trent

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The Development of P–20 Common
Education Data Standards (
Advance Education Research and Policy

In February 2012, the National Center for
Education Statistics (NCES) released
Version 2 of the Common Education Data
Standards (CEDS).
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AERA Guest Educators

AERA invites guest educators from the host city each year to experience a day at the Annual Meeting.

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K–12 Student Success:
Complexity in Mathematics and Science Education Research

This symposium highlights research being conducted by several National Science Foundation Math and Science Partnership projects.
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National Science Foundation Priorities
and Trajectories for Research Advancement:
Leadership, Wisdom, and Perspectives

Science leaders join top education researchesrs
to examine national science foundation priorities
and trajectories for research advancement.
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 Interview with Joan Ferrini-Mundy 

A Public Hearing on the Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in Education

The Gordon Commission on the Future of Assessment in K–12 Education is a two-year study group whose members are thought leaders and innovators in academia, research, and policy.  Read more



Whither Opportunity? The American Dream,
Then and Now: Examining the Relationship
Between Increasing Economic Inequality, Schools,
and Children's Life Chances

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan, addressed
the issue of teaching K-12 mathematics in a presentation entitiled "Mathematical Work of
Teaching as Content in Mathematics Teacher Education" at the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting.
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Games for Learning: An Evidence-Based Approach

Rich Mayer addressed the topic of “Games for Learning: An Evidenced Based Approach. 
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     To Know Is Not Enough: Commissioned Essay Writers Saturday (Coffee)

Top Education Researchers Present Their Essays
on Critical Issues Related to the AERA Annual Meeting Theme: “To Know Is Not Enough”
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